How to Use 4EVERLAND to Deploy Your website on IPFS and Access via .sui

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Hey, SuiNS community, do you know the .sui you own can not only be your SUI identity, but also serve as your website domain!

SuiNS have a feature that’s called Sui.Id that forwards the web2 property (Sui.Id) to the web3 domain. That means if you own Name.sui and bind your IPFS website CID in your .sui, you can directly access the IPFS cid via!

This tutorial will show you in detail how to quickly deploy your website on IPFS and configure your .sui as the website domain.
(And because 4EVERLAND offers free IPFS storage and bandwidth for each user, the deployment will be 100% free!)

Deploy website on IPFS

4EVERLAND provides the easiest IPFS website deployment solution, allowing you to generate an IPFS website in just a few minutes!

- Login 4EVERLAND and select hosting service

You can directly import your github repo or you can choose to build from an IPFS cid or a 4EVERLAND template.

If you don’t want to authorize your Github, you can still deploy via 4EVERLAND Hosting Cli.

– Configuration (Deploy from github repo, suitable for developers)

4EVERLAND supports IPFS, Arweave, Dfinity and BNB Greenfield testnet as the website hosting network. Pls select IPFS as the hosting layer. And in this page you can do some configuration according to your needs.
We highly recommend you to turn on the switch “deploy hook” so that your website on IPFS will be updated automatically according to your github updates, it will greatly reduce your operation and maintenance energy.

– Configuration (Deploy from 4EVERLAND template, suitable for non code background user)

If you don’t have a code background or don’t have a website repo in github.
4EVERLAND template is the best choice for you to generate an IPFS website. You can insert any links, contents in your website!

– Complete the deployment

Congratulations on deploying your website on IPFS, let’s bind your IPFS website with your .sui domain!

Binding your .sui domain

– Enter your domain name and copy the CID

You can bind your website with your .sui domain via the following 2 ways.

(Path: details, settings-domain)
(Path: Hosting — domain)

After the deployment, pls check your project details, settings-domain or directly find the domain settings and select the deployed project. Then you can bind your .sui domain.

Enter your .sui name and copy your IPFS CID (the identity of your IPFS website) then click and login to the platform via your address including your .sui domain!

– Paste your IPFS CID in your sui dashboard-IPFS Website.

Paste the CID you just copied in 4EVERLAND in your .sui domain dashboard-IPFS Content and signature via your Sui Wallet.

(The CID will be synchronized to Sui, so you need to spend some gas to finish the deployment)

Make sure to connect your to the IPFS website on

Once you complete the banding process, your dedicated website domain is <name>

Congrats, you finished all the deployment processes and now own a 100% decentralized website, hosted on IPFS and accessible via!


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About SuiNS

Sui Name Service (SuiNS) is a distributed Name Service on the Sui blockchain. As part of Mysten Labs, SuiNS has the vision to make the Sui blockchain simple and secure for everyday users. With our .sui domain name users can easily identify themselves and their wallet address on the sui blockchain. SuiNS has also developed the revolutionary .move object naming service which allows users to build confidence in contracts they interact with on-chain. Be sure to checkout the Sui Name Service at and on twitter @SuiNSdapp




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