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Monthly Star Project (Dec), ECHO: Long Live Our Opinion!

We are thrilled that December’s MSP was much more successful than we had expected. Both the number and quality of projects submitted were even better than November’s MSP.

In November’s MSP competition, the selected project, Owlando caught the judges’ attention with its progressive UGC Metaverse concept and its playful approach to creating, communicating, and playing with friends, ultimately building the results into NFT saves. In December’s selection, ECHO, the basic infrastructure for Web3 social based on Arweave’s decentralised social engagement protocol, won the judges’ unanimous approval without any argument!

ECHO official page:



Comment: Let people leave their feedback, ask questions, and offer their own points of view.

Reaction: Increase visitors’ engagement. Collect their reactions.

TipAccept: Support from visitors without having to code.


JS SDK for Embedding "Like Button".

See Documentation


Embed ECHO to Mirror With one click.

Comment on NFTs as you want.

Aggregate comments in one place.


Multi-chain Login and Tip

ECHO currently supports multi-chain login and tips, which include EVM chains and Solana, with more chains in the pipeline.

Permanent Storage With Arweave

ECHO stores comments and reactions in Arweave. It is censorship-resistant. No one can erase or modify the archive.

Decentralised Comment Protocol

Besides the ECHO official gateway, users can use any other gateway to read and post comments. ECHO indexer will continuously aggregate data from Arweave.

ECHO deployed the front-end of the project decentrally using 4EVERLAND’s Hosting service, enabling the project to be fully decentralised. Hosting is 4EVERLAND’s Dweb service, providing a one-click decentralised hosting service based on IPFS, Arweave, and ICP protocols. It offers ENS, SNS, and IPNS support, which enables users to deploy, access, and manage decentralised sites through the visual interface (Hosting App) or the command line (@4everland/cli). Enjoy faster and more secure access to ECHO with 4EVERLAND’s dedicated gateway!


Finally, thanks again to the Providers of the Rewards: AWS, Bonfida, Encentive, Relation, everVision, NFTGO, .bit.

Community and Media support: @DoraHacks @OdailyChina @ArweaveNews @Foresight_News @icpleague_com @Tintinland2021 @D_PlusCommunity @perma_dao @ipfsnews2.

Thanks for all the support!

About ECHO

ECHO is the first decentralized social engagement protocol based on Arweave. Our goal is to provide the fundamental infrastructure of Web3 social by introducing the first comment widget that can be deployed on any Web3 website with permanent data storage, so that users can speak up for themselves in a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant environment. It is our conviction that every person deserves to be heard, and we strive to create the right tool to make that happen. “Long live our opinion”, as our slogan goes.

More importantly, as we are providing a multi-chain, multi-platform, and multi-disciplinary solution, ECHO will energize social mobility in an aggregated manner to address the current social segregation issue in Web3. And our protocol-based data structure of social activities both on-chain and off-chain will be the cornerstone of the future Web3 social paradigm.

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