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Monthly Star Project (Jan), The Web3 Portal

Dear Community Members! Halfway through the first month of the new year, it is time to announce the results of the final month of MSP I, MSP I January!

In December’s selection, a basic infrastructure for Web3 social project won the judges’ unanimous approval without any argument. As a social engagement protocol based on Arweave, ECHO enables users to speak up for themselves in a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant environment.

In this MSP(Jan) round, we are proud to announce that one project has been selected as the winner of the January MSP I, The Web3 Portal, a portal for searching and accessing Web3 Dapps.

Web3 Portal: Decentralised search portal for the future of the internet.

Web3 Portal official page:

Web3 portal is a window to decentralised websites, bringing together most of the portals to decentralised websites on the market. In addition, with 4EVERLAND Hosting’s one-click deployment feature, these websites are deployed to IPFS in a unified manner, ensuring accessibility.

  1. A Decentralized portal.
  2. Public Github code.
  3. Search engine enhancements.

A navigation site for your Web 3 search needs.

Thanks again to the Providers of the Rewards: AWS, Bonfida, Encentive, Relation, everVision, NFTGO, .bit.

Community and Media support: @DoraHacks @OdailyChina @ArweaveNews @Foresight_News @icpleague_com @Tintinland2021 @D_PlusCommunity @perma_dao @ipfsnews2.

Thanks for all the support!

About TheWeb3Portal

TheWeb3Portal is a Web3 navigation site for all users and Web2 web developers. It is released by the Web3DAO. Organization members will help with the front-end deployment of traditional Web2 websites on IPFS to achieve decentralization and integrate the deployed websites into TheWeb3Portal website for users to search and access.

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