The 4EVERLAND Bi-Weekly Report(May 8, 2023 - May 21, 2023)

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Today is the other day of our meeting — another edition of the 4EVERLAND biweekly report!

Our latest report aims to keep you informed about our recent progress and aspirations. If you missed our previous issue, please find it here.

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Without any delay, let’s get started!

We have completed:

As a continuation of the past two weeks’ efforts, we have finalized some projects and are thrilled to share them with you:

The First Sowing has officially commenced, with the current phase being the Pioneer Challenge

Participants with WL/First Landing/Bucket NFT can, upon completion, be awarded the First Sowing NFT.

The Web3blog template has undergone iteration

Featuring an enhanced display area for Youtube videos.

And, we have some ongoing work on our list,

We’re a work in progress:

4EVERLAND is making methodical progress on milestones,

Coinbase wallet login access

4EVERLAND Login Center adds support for Coinbase wallet login.

Designing for implementation with everpay

Everpay is a payment gateway that enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Template submission rules and process

Add support for submitting Hosting templates through Github.

Some of what you can expect

4EVERLAND ENS deployment

Refactoring of the CLI

What else?

Template-a-thon Challenge

IPFS Node Optimisation


Something you may miss out…

4EVERLAND has accomplished numerous community services that you may have missed.

NautilusChain welcomes a new Ecosystem Integration with 4everland_org

4EVERLAND + TEA Project Partner to Onboard More Developers to Web3

How to mint zksync on-chain identity and use zkSync on-chain assets to purchase 4EVERLAND resources

Building a Fully Decentralized Blog on Arweave using WeaveDB and 4EVERLAND

Announce that we have established a strategic partnership with IOST_Official

Announcing! The Deployment on the BNB Greenfield Testnet

The Optimal Method for Accessing: Utilizing 4EVERLAND and to Access IPFS-based Content

Series AMA themed “Why ArweaveEco?” EP4: Chinese Explorers in Arweave

First Sowing: Join the 24 — Hour Countdown and Be the First to Sow!

How to take part in the 4EVERLAND FirstSowing Pioneer Challenge!

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We’ll be back in ~two weeks with another update. See you all then!




4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage, and other technical features.