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Did you see the tweet from @AntonNellCrypto, Fantom Senior Solutions Architect, on March 6, 2022? He and his colleague Andre Cronje, a prolific developer, without citing a reason have both decided to stop contributing to Fantom Foundation — Defi and cryptocurrency space. They both were involved in developing a total of 25 apps and services including Yearn Finance, Keep3r Network,, Chainlist, Solidly, and, etc.; all will cease operations on April 3, 2022.

This news has had a major impact across the blockchain world, with projects involving Andre Cronje, including Fantom, among others, being questioned by community users. It’s easy to understand how danger can arise when the front end is controlled by one individual or even one organization. What does the fact that the project’s front end is down mean for the community? Is it a sign that the project is about to disappear and lose its assets?

The development of blockchain has been going on for quite some time now. Defi, NFT, and other projects have appeared and made a difference. The blockchain technology has solved the trust problem with smart contracts, Ethereum address, and assets. Despite this, blockchain’s Web 3.0 paradigm still lacks its critical link. As a result, most front-end projects are still being deployed through AWS and other centralized providers. A centralized, permission-based, single-node data service model cannot satisfy our demand for a decentralized application.

● What should we do when the DAPP interface we visit one day disappears or is blocked?

● What should we do if the front-end of the DAPP we visit has been maliciously altered?

Here’s a front-end decentralized hosting solution based on IPFS

The IPFS protocol is emerging as a new standard in the front-end of DAPP deployments for persistent, distributed storage, and file sharing. With IPFS’ content addressing technology, a unique content identifier (CID) is generated for data, and no one can replace or change the data without destroying the CID. This means that when a DAPP’s front-end code is deployed based on IPFS, all users can determine that the front-end they are accessing is trusted by the CID.

Simply being trustworthy is clearly not enough for an end-user-facing DAPP. In IPFS, a single node’s PIN clearly is not sufficient for high availability, and users all around the world imply the need for global acceleration.

This is when ‘4EVERLAND’ comes into the picture. 4EVERLAND builds its data storage and transport layers on the IPFS network and organizes a collection of IPFS nodes into a collaborative, globally distributed storage, and gateway service via a unique cryptographic and economic model design, resulting in a trusted, universally available, and globally accelerated front-end decentralized hosting solution for all DAPPs.

A front-end decentralized deployment solution for everyone

The technical barriers have always been a major roadblock for community users to get fully involved in the project. As we are used to getting services directly from others, the service can also be terminated at any time. In the same way that Andre Cronje chose not to continue contributing to DeFi and the cryptocurrency space when all front ends are discontinued, the services we have access to will also cease. Even though we have other options, this means that we will eventually lose access to these services due to the cessation of other options.

Obviously, this is not the best solution. You could let everyone deploy such a DAPP front-end for themselves, then they could decide when to stop the service, which would be very decentralized.

4EVERLAND offers this service to all users without having any technical capabilities. Users can choose a template or fork any project’s open-source front-end code at 4EVERLAND Hosting and quickly deploy a set of front-end codes with a single page click, which can take as little as 30 seconds. Open source is a simple and common thing in the blockchain world, and as Anton Nell stated, the code they discontinue delivering is open source, and they urge and welcome the community to install these services on their own.

What is 4EVERLAND Hosting?

4EVERLAND Hosting is an IPFS-based Dweb service that was officially launched in August 2021. It also offers ENS+IPNS support, which enables users to deploy, access, and manage IPFS sites through the visual interface (Hosting App) or the command line (@4everland/cli). It also provides services such as persistent storage and global network acceleration. Currently, it has served 30,000+ applications.

How to deploy IPFS site with 4EVERLAND Hosting

We have built and included the open-source code for the projects affected by the Andre Cronje event so that anyone can fork and deploy it instantly. We will continue to update this list, and if you have any questions or recommendations, please join our Discord channel to ask them.

How to:

1. Login to GitHub and fork the front-end code for the respective repository.

2. Login to 4EVERLAND Hosting with your GitHub account:

3. Select the GitHub repository that is linked to your account.

4. Deploy and the routine will automatically detect the appropriate Framework and finish Clone, Install, Build, and Upload for you.

5. Get the domain address of the completed deployment.

For detailed tutorials, please check:

Text Tutorial:

Video Tutorial:

Hope you all will make use of our services and experience a truly decentralized service!


4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help the user to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications.

4EVERLAND realizes the need for inter-blockchain communication and interoperability between multiple chains and so it utilizes the IBC technology to integrate with the underlying public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon, and Filecoin. Similarly, 4EVERLAND also provides a distributed, high-efficiency, self-incentivized, and low-cost data hosting network based on an open protocol system like IPFS to meet developers’ requests for inter-blockchain communication, decentralized front-end, and write once, run any blockchain, making it easier to quickly build Web 3.0 applications.

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4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform with global acceleration, privacy protection, distributed storage, and other technical features.