A 21st Century Detroit Company

Detroit is known for many things — its crime rate, the mediocrity of the Lions, Miguel Cabrera, Eminem — but it is rarely given credit for its most important contributions to the world.

The Big 3 Detroit automakers have become somewhat of a joke in foreign markets, but their innovational impact was among the most influential in the 20th century. The ideas of the Detroit motor companies changed the world in a couple essential ways.

First, their development of the assembly line made the mass production of automobiles possible. A system of conveyor belts and employee specialization transformed the job of producing an automobile so that what once took weeks or even months could be completed in a matter of hours. The ability to mass produce has allowed countries throughout the globe to purchase motor vehicles and ever since, cars have become fundamental necessities in every human society.

Second, despite the newly acquired capacity to produce in bulk, there were not enough consumers who could afford to purchase automobiles. Henry Ford’s implementation of the $5-a-day minimum wage for workers on the assembly line not only allowed employees to purchase the cars they were producing, it boosted morale and loyalty, and gave low-income, uneducated workers opportunities to improve their situations and make an honest living. My grandfather was one such Ford employee who, as an uneducated, orphaned immigrant, was able to build a home, educate his kids, and provide a better life for his family through his hard work. Ford’s policies are a testament to the American Dream and are often credited with creating the American middle class — the backbone of the American (and global) economy.

The ingenuity of the Detroit motor companies not only helped create a global demand and supply of automobiles, it helped raise the standard of living throughout the world. The economic opportunity given to employees of Ford helped not only the market for automobiles, but stimulated economic activity in every sector. In 2017, a world without automobiles seems unfathomable. Cities and countries are largely molded by man-made roads constructed to accommodate people traveling through in cars. The effect on transportation alone has impacted every culture on earth and changed the world forever.

A century later, another Detroit company is seeking to leave its mark on the world. With the same values at heart and that same Detroit grit, 4Thought Studios is developing an app that will improve the quality of life for people and help them live more efficiently. Like Ford Motor Company in the early 20th century, our ideas will both stimulate economic activity and help people develop all aspects of their lives. Rather than numerical costs, we recognize people as people who need to be cared for accordingly. Our ambition is to send ripples throughout the globe, just as the automakers did. Keep a look out for 4Thought Studios and stay tuned for what is to come.

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