Prioritizing your Projects

A small list of how to decide what projects to take and how much you should charge and prioritize each project.

When you’re first freelancing, it’s difficult to decide which jobs are worth taking, and how much to charge a customer. In order to help you sort your projects, there are three things you need to consider when taking one on:

1. Time

The amount of time you have to complete a project is one of the most important things you need to understand from a client. If you don’t have much time, the client needs to be willing to pay you more because you will be putting this project before others. Time is money. So if they’re not paying you much, you should be able to take your time with the project.

2. Money

The amount of money a client is paying you will determine the time and effort you put into the job. If a client is paying you a substantial amount of money, it almost doesn’t matter if you have only a short period of time, or if you don’t like the project given to you. Designers will almost always take a job that is paying them a large enough amount over their interest in the project, especially if they’re in the start of their career.

3. Passion/Enthusiasm

The amount of interest/enthusiasm you have towards a project is, arguably, just as important as the other two aspects. But the key point here is that if you’re not getting paid much, but it’s a project you would love to work on, that usually trumps the other aspects. Of course, don’t put a passion project in front of one that is going to pay your rent, but realistically if it’s something you’re interested in, you’re going to want to pick it up, and sometimes these projects are the ones that resonate the most with people.

These are a few of the things a designer needs to consider when taking on a new project. The most important thing to remember is to tackle every project given to you as if it were your own. If you have that in mind, and just try to have fun with it, every project you take on will be memorable and your clients will be more than happy with the results.

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