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On-chain data & document Notarisation (FOURns Protocol)

Notarisation can be described as a fraud prevention process that enables data file (e.g. document) authenticity and guarantees that the data file has not been changed in the course of a transaction between parties. Usually, the physical notary acts as an intermediary and provides the needed trust factor between parties. 4thTech dNotary can be also described as a digital notary of the decentralized world and with its main solution enables sensitive data files time-stamp and origin verification using blockchain as a “trust” source.

As the by-product of FOURdx Protocol (i.e. W2W E2EE dMail & data file exchange), the FOURns can leverage the power of blockchain to facilitate source and time confirmation for any data files exchanged within the 4thTech ecosystem. FOURns uses a checksum to check for potential data changes during the FOURdx dMail and data file exchange. If one byte of the exchanged data changes, the checksum changes and invalidates the transmission. There are several checksums calculated and stored to assure integrity. Checksum stored on the blockchain is validating JSON metadata which includes all the details of the transaction. If the checksum of the JSON metadata is validated then the service is also checking the integrity of the digital file(s) within the transaction. If the validation of the digital file(s) is confirmed then the receiver can download data files with the confidence that no one has manipulated them.

  • storing and timestamping digital data files;
  • providing the file checksum verification of the JSON metadata file (i.e. checksum is stored on blockchain);
  • providing the file checksum verification of all data files listed in the JSON metadata file (i.e. checksum of each file is available in the JSON meta file);
  • providing access and review of the received data file details.
  • immutable and permissionless blockchain used as a “trust” network;
  • bypasses the intermediary, a third person in the data file (i.e. document) notarisation process;
  • multi-chain support enables multiple interoperability options;
  • private and public blockchain support;
  • digital data files and documents audibility;
  • advanced encryption standard (i.e. AES), with a combination of RSA encryption algorithms;
  • notarisation with data file source authenticity and integrity feature;
  • delivery timestamp feature;
  • local or decentralised cloud e-archiving options (i.e. planned to be developed).
  • user account creation within the FOURwaL;
  • user account verification using 4thTech dID within the UI platform (i.e. option)
  • on-chain checksum and timestamp verification of the received data files, using dNotary within the 4thTech UI platform.

Saving timestamp in the data file exchange process:

* @dev Set the document to the recipient.
* @param receiver Address of the document receiver
* @param data Data of the document
function setDocument(address receiver, bytes memory data) external {

💡 Checksum validation = calculating checksum of the stored JSON metadata file and digital file(s) and comparing the result with saved values

If used with the dMail, the dNotary opens a whole new chapter in private and secure online communication for end-users or organizations. We are talking about secure W2W exchange of any kind of private, legal, financial or other kinds of documents that can be verified by the receiver. For the first time, anyone can access secure E2EE data exchange services that are affordable, borderless, permissionless and 100% secure.

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