The Road to Data Ownership & Communication Security — 2022/23 DEV Roadmap

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4 min readJun 15, 2022


Last update: 19.06.2023


The framework that enables and proposes Web3s first on-chain communication building blocks.

Value definition

When you think about 4thTech and what value it delivers, it really is quite straightforward. There are four major value propositions.

  • 4thTech utilises blockchain to enable immutability, self-custody and permissionless in email, chat and data transfer, which are now virtually non-existing in traditional Web2 applications.
  • Behind the scenes, 4thTech enables any project to integrate human on-chain communication into their platform UIs, dApps or wallets using a dedicated SDK framework.
  • 4thTech multi-chain interoperability and deployment pave the way toward the first Web3 Communication Standard.
  • To ensure true on-chain immutability and L1/L2 security 4thTech protocols have to be transaction heavy as every message or email represents its own transaction. Due to this heavy on-chain activity (i.e. 1 email/message = 1 transaction), 4thTech dApps bring significant growth in daily L1 and L2 transactions.

DEV milestones

So, where are we now? What are the development milestones ahead to reach a state where end-users will be able to communicate on-chain securely and exchange their data while retaining ownership?

The 2018 PoC proved that on-chain communication is possible. 2020/21 R&D polished the concept into the solution we have today. The 2022 to 2023 roadmap represents the final stretch merging all the legos while finishing the needed support infrastructure.

  • Q4 2022; Communication Encryption Framework
  • Q1 2023; Encryptor Extension
  • Q2 2023; EVM Protocol Finalization (i.e. Mails; Chat; Users; AppFeeManager; Lock, TierManager)
  • Q3 2023; TypeScript/JavaScript plug-and-play SDKs
  • Q4 2023; dMail & dChat White-label Framework

Q4 2022 Communication Encryption Framework

Encryption is one of the key parts of the infrastructure. There will be three options available within the SDK; (1) Custom encryption; (2) AES-randomly generated secret key, and; (3) AES-secret key produced by ECDH.

Q1 2023 Encryptor Extension

Encryption and decryption of the on-chain communication or shared data files are possible with the Encryptor extension, which adds the dApp communication encryption layer currently not supported in major wallets. Encryptor extension is used to enable ECDH key agreement protocol. It creates an elliptic curve key pair and computation of the shared secret key of the receiver/sender.

Q2 2023; EVM Protocol Framework

With many iterations behind, the six smart contracts crystalized and are forming the core protocol layer, enabling on-chain communication at scale; (1) Mails; (2) Chat; (3) Users; (4) AppFeeManager; (5) Lock, and (6) TierManager.

Q3 2023 SDK Framework

Build on top of the protocol stack, the dMail & dChat TypeScript/JavaScript plug-and-play SDKs stand ready for security-enabled social communication scaling in the multi-chain universe. The SDK will consist from five packages; (1) @4thtech-sdk/ethereum; (2) @4thtech-sdk/encryption; (3) @4thtech-sdk/encryptor; (4) @4thtech-sdk/storage, and; (5) @4thtech-sdk/types.

Q4 2023; dMail & dChat White-label Framework

dMail & dChat White-label framework will enable fast and easy builds. White-label-based modern minimalistic design style emphasizes simplicity with simple intuitive but effective navigation and setup system. A simple user interface has been developed to offer a step-by-step setup enabling the best possible user experience.


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