5,000 Miles In…

Why Start Yet Another Cycling Blog?

This is probably a bad idea and a waste of time, but here it goes.

On January 10, 2017, I crossed over 5,000 miles of cycling and it got me thinking about why I started cycling and what I’ve learned.

I’ve made some good decisions, some bad decisions, had a couple crashes, and had plenty of good rides. Is 5,000 miles an impressive feat? No, not really. To keep myself humble, I follow someone on Strava that rode 13,000 miles just this past year. But, it is as good an excuse as any to start a blog.

That’s me on my dad’s back, circa 1984.

The Past

Like most kids, growing up, I loved riding my bike. I especially remember ages 7–10 when I would ride my bike from sun-up to sun-down all around my neighborhood in Kansas City. Then, I just seemed to stop. I guess I got into school and other activities and my family moved to the country outside Springfield, Missouri where nobody rode a bike. Even in college, I only randomly rode a bike and it was nothing serious.

Then, in 2012, a good friend of mine invited me to go mountain biking on a local trail. He had an old Trek 4100 that he let me borrow and I had a blast. It was like hiking, but faster and more fun. A small group of us would get together a few times a month and get in five or ten miles. Nothing fancy, only one of us even had a 29er bike, and it was just a way to blow off steam after a day of work.

The earliest photo I could find of me mountain biking, circa 2008. Rolling on a friend’s fully-rigid Trek 800 .

Getting Hooked

Soon, I started getting more and more into it. I visited a few local bike shops and found one that was full of nice, interesting, and knowledgable people. The shop was known for road cycling, but the tide was turning and more people in the area were mountain biking. The Ozark Mountains aren’t really “mountains” but they sure have some good trails.

Since I run my own company, I’ve never received a Christmas bonus. So in December of 2012, I decided to give myself a Christmas bonus and purchase a Salsa Spearfish full-suspension 29er mountain bike. It was great.

Soon after, I started reading Riding Against the Grain, MTBR, and Road Bike Review and learning more about the details, equipment, and history of cycling. After reading Phil Gaimon’s “Pro Cycling on $10 a Day” I started to understand the appeal of road cycling (I always swore I wouldn’t be that guy in lycra) and started watching cycling on TV.

I had a Bianchi Hybrid bike that I converted to a franken-cyclocross/road bike with drop bars. It was heavy and the aluminum was harsh, but I didn’t care. Slowly, I started riding more and more road miles and decided I wanted my first “real” bike and purchased a Specialized Diverge in late 2014. I love that bike and have written an entire post about it.

Completing a six-day, 400+ mile Tour of Oregon this past summer.

About Me

I’m not a professional or aspiring professional. Although I live in Colorado, I’m not doing Ironman Triathlons or riding cyclocross every weekend. I’m just a 34 year old father of two young boys that likes having fun on bikes.

I’m actually a graphic designer, filmmaker, and type nerd that happens to like cycling as well. I like telling stories, which I guess is why I’m starting this dumb project.

About 5,000 Miles In

This blog is for people who have started cycling but want to dig more into the details. It is not here to promote one specific brand or one specific type of cycling (although I have my preferences) but rather to give my point of view on things related to cycling.

I’m publishing on Medium because it is the path of least resistance when it comes to writing online. Deal with it.

This blog may only be a few posts or I might just keep on writing. Who knows? Either way, thanks for reading.