Bringing Poverty To The Fore

Two charities raise awareness of poverty & homelessness through social experiments.

Here’s two interesting takes on how to get people to pay attention to the plight of the poor and homeless. They’re both based on the insight that we’ve become blind and desensitized both to the homeless people we encounter every day as well as the fundraisers who attempt to raise funds for the poor. In both cases, we mostly walk on by and continue going about our day. Two charities recently conducted ‘social experiments’ (though honestly they’re better characterized as stunt videos or prankvertising).

The Pilion Trust, a charity which helps some of the poorest and most vulnerable, has conducted a social experiment (developed by Publicis) on the people of London to see if we really do care about those who are less fortunate.

In a separate video, The New York Rescue Mission asks the question: Have The Homeless Become Invisible? The video (developed by Silver + Partners) documented unsuspecting people who walked by relatives pretending to be homeless to see whether they would notice their family members.
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