Electrolux — Three Days Of Beautiful Food

Now You’re Cooking Live Stream

Awhile back I wrote about the Now You’re Cooking Tumblr from Electrolux that featured a series of beautiful recipe videos along with a simple, but effective cooking mode that automatically paused the videos after each step, thereby assisting people who bring their laptop, phone or tablet into the kitchen when they cook.

Now Electrolux (and their agency, House Of Radon) are hosting a 3 day live stream event that runs from April 22-24th on the Now You’re Cooking Tumblr. The live stream celebrates the launch of the new Expressionist range of products and features ‘three days of inspiring recipes, ideas, interaction and competitions from breakfast to bedtime — all live and uninterrupted. They’ve managed to take the beautiful aesthetic from the Now You’re Cooking videos and translate that same aesthetic into the live environment. I love the simple and elegant nature of the live stream, employing a relaxing soundtrack along with a top down framing shot that shows just the hands of the chef. It’s a stark contrast to most live stream events that feature a bloviating celebrity chef. Instead, Now You’re Cooking live focuses on the recipes (and subtly includes the Electrolux products). There are also competitions and other means of audience interaction (including ubiquitous #nowyourecooking hashtag)throughout the live stream along with cut down versions of all the recipes after they’ve been completed. My only question is why not use YouTube for the live stream (since it is the place people expect to go for all things video) and then embed it on Tumblr.

Definitely worth checking out the livestream at: http://nowyourecooking.tumblr.com/livestream

or have a look at the the teaser video below:

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