Walgreens Partners With Taskrabbit During Flu Season

Here’s a great example of a brand providing utility in the right place, to the right people at the time. Walgreen’s (a US pharmacy chain) has teamed up with TaskRabbit (if you don’t know what TaskRabbit is, it’s a service where you can pay people to run errands for you) to deliver cold and flu medication to sick people during Flu Season. According to Gallup, early January to late February is the most common time of year for people to catch a cold. From Jan 7th until Feb 18th people who live in one of the 19 cities TaskRabbit services can use the app to get their cold remedies from Walgreens delivered directly to their door. Here’s how it works according to TaskRabbit:

‘a slice of the wheel on our iPhone app will be dedicated to ordering cold and flu remedies from Walgreens. Simply tap the Walgreens’ slice, select the nearest Walgreens store, enter the products needed and indicate a preferred delivery time. From there, simply select the TaskRabbit you’d like to work with and you’ll be on your way to feeling better.

TaskRabbit was founded on the premise of neighbors helping neighbors — and there’s no time when we need more help than when we’re sick. That’s why we are so excited about this partnership.

It’s a great idea, though it would be made even better if Walgreen’s provided a significant discount to either the products purchased or the Taskrabbit fee.

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