5 points to increase Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate of the ad is one of the main features to be taken into consideration when working with Facebook. Of course, the number of leads and ROI is more important, but if there are no results, and CTR leaves much to be desired, then it could be exactly the reason. Today we will tell you about 5 points that will help to increase Click-Through Rate of the ad.

1. Change the angle of perception

You can look at different things from a different angle, starting with the supply of the product, the target audience and ending with the location of objects in the image. Change the position of the text, show the product from a new angle so that it could break through the banner blindness.

2. Use color science

Everyone knows that colours affect the perception of advertising, but almost no one mentions the power of color combinations. According to the Itten’s theory, color combinations can be harmonious and disharmonious.

The first ones trigger positive feelings and emotions, and the second ones rejection and irritation. Also, you can visually make the object larger, closer and more meaningful with the help of color combinations.

This issue has been greatly developed in painting and design. For a deeper dive, it is necessary to study Itten’s theory of color. The main harmonious color combinations are as follows:

3. Monitor the frequency of ad impressions

The frequency of impressions on Facebook determines the number of ad impressions per person on average.

The high frequency of impressions is bad for several reasons. The more times a person sees the same ad, the less likely is the chance that he/she will click on it. By showing one and the same ad to one user multiple times, you miss the opportunity to display it to others. In addition, aggressive advertising causes users’ complaints.

For example, if your reach is 13 586, and the number of impressions is 17 190, it means that your ad has been viewed 17 190 times by 13 586 unique users. Thus, your frequency of advertising in Facebook is 17190/13586 = 1,27.

It is important to remember that frequency is an average rate and does not show how many times each user has seen an advertisement. Your ad can be shown to most people only once, and to some people five times or more.

There is no specific indicator of what the frequency should be for the maximum CTR. However, the AdEspresso study shows that the lower it is, the higher the Click-Through Rate gets. The only thing is clear: the high frequency of impressions is the reason for the decrease of CTR.

4. Exclude the unnecessary audience

This point is partly from the past. To avoid showing the same ads repeatedly to your customers and site visitors, you can exclude these audiences through the Facebook Pixel.

It is done this simply. Go to the “Audiences” section.

Click on the “Create a customized audience”.

You can choose any of the interaction options, if you have the data for this. We will choose “Website traffic”.

Let’s say we want to show ads to everyone who has not previously visited the Leadrock website. In other words, we need to create an audience of users who have previously clicked on our ads.

In the criteria field we find “People who visited certain web pages”. Specify the address of the page. Then enter the name and create an audience.

Later while targeting, you can add this audience to the exceptions on the page of ad’s group creation.

You can use the created audience for retargeting and show it other ads and offers.

5. Control your budget

A sharp budget increase can lower CTR. Facebook will pick up the layers of audience that may respond differently to your ad.

In this case, the strategy of duplicating ads with a small budget or waiting for optimization and alignment of results can help; however, it does not always work.

As you can see, CTR depends not only on the quality of the image and text, but also on other factors that are necessary and important to consider and monitor, as long as few simple actions can sometimes improve the results of the advertising campaign as a whole.

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