April 29, 2020


1. Working on a jigsaw puzzle with Ruby. She has a good eye and is very patient and non-judgmental about grandma’s work.

2. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and pan toast for lunch with my favorite guests, Max and Ruby.

3. My kitchen table. My mom brought it home from Penney’s or Sears or “Monkey” Wards when I was 4. I remember the day we set it up in our little kitchen in Delta, MO. It has been in heavy rotation since then — that’s 72 years.

4. Mr Rabbit (I think it’s the same one and he’s looking bigger) is feasting in the back yard again. He eats a blade of grass like a kid sucks in a strand of spaghetti, except he’s chewing all the time!

5. Making a little video for my poster presentation at the Conference for Global Transformation. I made things waaaaay simpler and it got to be fun again. Yay!

And you? What made you happy today? I’d love to hear about it.

Keep going.




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