August 17, 2020


1. Max and Ruby had on-line, live classes today at The Einstein School. I’m deliriously happy.

2. So are they. They went to every class, mostly on time, stayed on line for the duration, and did some kind of work.

3. They were as organized as a flight steward — checking times, names, zoom numbers, passwords, and Canvas, the coursework software the school uses.

4. Max got in the wrong classroom once and had about 15 minutes of other planetary time this afternoon. Ruby kept entering a zoom number erroneously and I helped her straighten it out.

5. Did I say we’re all super happy and relieved? Ruby and I celebrated with ice cream. Max hurried home to get back to his video game. This spring was just terrible for us all. Yay, team.

I’d love to hear what made you happy today!

Keep going.




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