August 18, 2020


1. Bitsy the Tiny Bunny was back today, by himself. I guess he would count as a teenager now.

2. Ruby and I had quite an informed conversation about x and y axes — which was which, which goes first in the location, etc. She’s in a high school level Algebra class and having a great time — so far. I hope she likes math as much as I did. She’s very quick and has kind of a 3D relationship with numbers.

3. A fast-ish cold drink with a friend at Starbucks. We always have things to talk about.

4. May be near finishing my packing material mask thing. Photo below.

5. Some of my Creative Community is trying an in-person get together tomorrow. PM me if you’d like to join us. Check in, show and tell, and chat. (Regular meeting via zoom, Thursday noon. Also PM if you’d like to join us.)

I’d love to hear what made you happy today.

Keep going.




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