January 1, 2021

Five things that made me happy today:

1. Built the first fire of the year in my fireplace. I have the real, wood burning kind, with good air flow and a gas lighter. A nice fire without a lot of work.

2. I made a bisquick cobbler for supper — using some frozen blueberries and some of the plums that I pick at a neighbor’s house every year. The plums are really really tart but cook up a little bit sweet. No ice cream in the house but a little bit of half-and-half poured over the hot cobbler has the same effect. Hits the spot!

3. I even made some art today. Nothing to write home about but good to get back in my studio for a bit.

4. I found a vintage piano stool on FB marketplace and bought it for my 1906 piano. The seller brought it to me because my car is still immobile. It looks great — claw feet with glass balls!! I tested it out while playing a few tunes. A stool is really great for playing because it gives you greater reach and some mobility.

5. For my chilly, stay-at-home day I also binged on Bridgerton. Damn. That Shonda Rhimes can do a good story. A page turner. I think I watched four episodes today.

I’d love to hear what made you happy today! I had way over my quota!

Keep going




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