July 4, 2020


1. A great, deep midday nap. I forgot to set an alarm and I think I slept a couple of hours. Maybe more.

2. Helped Ruby and Mañin Soto assemble her new bed. She is an excellent fabricator. Her dad and I mostly just held things.

3. My Shaklee order came. Always makes me happy. And now it gets here so fast.

4. I finished my puzzle. Pic below. Challenging. A thing I like about jigsaw puzzles (unlike life) is — there is a place for everything and everything is included.

5. Maybe fireworks. I know it’s not PC these days and I am definitely shifting my opinion about them. BUT if they are close enough to see with just a little walk, I’ll probably go watch.

And you? What made you happy this Fourth of July?

Keep going.




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