June 7, 2020


1. Church, always. Started with a conversation with Daniel Kanter and Darryl Brown that was so moving. The reading, the sermon. Food for the soul this Sunday morning. Thanks to all.

2. New season of Queer Eye available. Five kind men, making a quirky difference. I need to pace myself!

3. More plums. Elizabeth Sutherland and I went back for her jam-making project — 40+ pounds today. I can’t believe how fruitful that ONE tree is!! Wow.

4. Watching pieces of the Class of 2020 special on YouTube. Clearly designed to go straight to a young person’s heart. It makes me happy to see so many high profile people making lemonade (even if some of it is performative).

5. Ruby Soto awarded me 11 points for telling her BTS was live on the above mentioned special. Just saying, 11 is a lot.

I’d love to hear what made you happy today!

Keep going.




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