May 24, 2020


1. I am still in my nightgown and it is 730 pm. A record for me.

2. I have been trying to decode setting my sprinkler system (actually pretty silly in a tiny yard, but it’s here and my yard is really dry). I found the directions on a tiny piece of paper, folded and tucked behind the control box. I took a photo, blew it up and printed it, and now I have two pages of instructions for daylight tomorrow.

3. I got a new note off to my young pen pal this morning. It’s a fun thing to do. They sent me a picture in their last response.

4. Had a big everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad on my sweet front room table at lunch time. I feel like such a grown up when I carry eveything there and sit down at a table with a cloth!

5. Mr BB, the backyard bunny, has been back between every rain storm today. I’m beginning to think there are two of them as one seems bigger than the other. Maybe I could persuade them to stop in the same place every day so I can compare?

I love to hear what made you happy today. Or any day.

Keep going.



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MarySue Foster/5 things that made me happy

This will be the home of 5 Things That Made Me Happy Today. Soon that will be the title. Starting with just a few entries.