May 4, 2020


1. A good “school day” with Ruby and Max. Relaxed and fun (Max napped for about two hours!). Plus some coursework.

2. Ruby and I laughed (and I laughed until I cried) at me checking her grades on line and finding them waaaay better than I thought. I have concocted at least 30 days of drama.

3. Ruby and I finished a monster jig saw puzzle. She had the audacity to watch videos on her phone while I put the last pieces together, saying she had already done way more than me.

4. One of my cats got outside today, probably as a repair man was coming and going, and he is totally exhausted and has fallen asleep with his head on my wrist. He’s an indoor cat and outside is too exciting/scary for him these days!

5. The flycatchers are still going crazy today. Besides singing, I saw them do the swooping courting flight this afternoon from the tree across the street. They are really acrobats!

I’d love to hear what made you happy today! Or last week!

Keep going.




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