November 10, 2020

Five things that made me happy today:

1. A good talk with my therapist. We talk sporadically and it does help me put things in perspective.

2. Ruby has the same therapist and she challenged Ruby to do a 10-year vision board. Ruby hopped off the call, raided my studio for supplies, and made one heck of a vision board on a 22 x 29 piece of poster board. It took her about three hours. I’m sure we’ll talk about it tomorrow.

3. Took Max with me on a good-deed errand. Driving with him is like taking an arborilogical tour. (Google can spell it; facebook can’t.)

4. Comfort food for supper — a baked potato with all the fixings. Tried a new recipe. (There’s a new recipe for baked potato? Well, yes, new to me.) Yummy.

5. My monthly call with others who have lost sons and daughters. It’s a sad thing to have in common but our calls are always good — centering and supportive. I’m grateful to have access to such a group; several of them are my friends in real life.

I’d love to hear what made you happy today.

Keep going.




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