Revisit January 21, 2019

5 good things today:

1. Finally got Ruby’s phone fully on line.

2. Enjoyed a beautiful sunny day (if a little chilly and windy)

3. Enjoyed knowing where almost everything is in a new (to me) grocery store near the Soto house.

4. Made a fast run to the Chinese super market near the house. Always have to remember those beautiful pictures on the boxes do not match the contents in my head!

5. Everyone was sad today, in their own way. I’m glad we’re together.

Bonus: Someone posted they had told a tough story to Randy McNamara, a story about themselves. And he said, Now, who will you be in the face of that? I have remembered that quote several times today. Mostly at the times when the “who I was being” was not a match for the “who I said.”

And you?



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