Revisit January 8, 2020

5 things that made me happy today:

1. The handyman came and did everything on the list I gave my new landlady. And then some. Yay.

2. Talked to my friend

Sharon Elliott

for a long time. We never run out of things to say. I hope you have a friend or several like that.

3. My phone is fixed. Hooray. It’s kind of frightening how necessary it’s become!

4. Marble the cat just added about 20 line breaks to this post. She wants some lap time but she is standing on the keyboard. She doesn’t type much but she has a great personality.

5. I found my can of WD40 and oiled my garage door. I remembered the word “portcullis” when I first moved in because it made a noisy screech going up or down, making it sound like the opening was big enough for all the king’s men. On horseback. Pulling wagons. Anyway — now it’s much quieter.

And you? What happened today (or last week or in 2019) that made you happy? I love to hear about it.

Keep going.





Journaling the practice of noting 5 things that made me happy today

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MarySue Foster/5 things that made me happy

MarySue Foster/5 things that made me happy

This will be the home of 5 Things That Made Me Happy Today. Soon that will be the title. Starting with just a few entries.

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