September 23, 2020


1. Gentle rain off and on most of the day, cooler temperatures. It’s great for a change. We still have lots of hot days to go, I’m sure.

2. I sold a little funky fake antique clock on FB marketplace and, after several to’s and fro’s, the buyer couldn’t get to my house on the bus, didn’t have enough money on her debit card to pay the full cost, so I offered to mail it for the amount she had . Then she offered to give me another $5 when she gets her retirement check (for mailing it) and I said to give it to her favorite charity. She couldn’t stop telling me how kind I am. A small gesture went a long way.

3. G.r.e.a.t conversations with friends today. We are all just doing our best in this weird, un-precedented time. If we could do any better, we would.

4. Both Max and Ruby cooked a midday meal for themselves without intervention from me, except for a little coaching about the hash browns. They did a great job.

5. I made cornbread muffins for supper from a box mix I like, crumbled some up in a big glass with milk, and ate it with a spoon — one of my favorite dishes from childhood. Yum.

You? What made you happy today??

Keep going.




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