5 Truths that Lie
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5 Truths that Lie


by Aviz from Pexels

In this series I will be looking at how some modern-day Christian doctrines stack up against the word of God. I’m no scholar, I didn’t go to seminary school…I’m no one noteworthy to be honest. I am just someone who loves God and wants to ensure that I, along with everyone else who claims to love Him, is honouring Him not just in our lip service, but also through the things we do — our practices, traditions and doctrines.

Topics being Discussed

  • Modern Day Speaking in Tongues
  • Women Preaching in the Church
  • Word of Faith Movement
  • Emotions and Experience over Exposition
  • God Called Me

But first…

Before starting the series, I think it’s important to mention a few things.

I am not writing this as a hate letter. I have no animosity towards anyone or any denomination.

I don’t think I am better than anyone, I am not holier than thou. I didn’t figure this out for myself, but rather was taught these things, and simply want to share what I’ve found.

Why Trust Me?

I don’t speak on my own authority but rather on the authority that Scripture provides, so you will be seeing a lot of bible verses. I am also standing on the shoulders of those who have dedicated years of their lives to studying the Word and expositing its truth. Some of those notable figures include people like Justin Peters, Voddie Baucham, and John MacArthur, to name a few.

I will be sharing videos and articles, along with the summaries in the form of key takeaways in case you don’t have time to watch the full videos or read the articles in their entirety.

Why Should You Read This?

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels

5 Examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith. Test your own selves. Know ye not yourselves how Jesus Christ is in you, unless ye be reprobates?” 2 Corinthians 13:5 (KJV)

I understand that some ideas shared in this series may not be appreciated by some, as it contradicts a lot of mainstream Christian beliefs, however, I implore you to, at least for the time being, put aside all beliefs. I ask that you accept or reject any claim as truth purely by cross-examining them with the Bible.

9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” Matthew 15:8 (KJV)

Lastly, if you have any issues with anything mentioned in this series, please feel free to comment, and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

“Yea, let God be true, but every man a liar. As it is written: “That Thou mightest be justified in Thy sayings, and mightest overcome when Thou art judged.” ” Romans 3:4 (KJV)

- Series cover photo (cross) — AaDil from Pexels



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