Why Me?

At some point, during our short existence on this planet, even the most optimistic and the most positive amongst us would ask this question — Why me? Why? Why?

It is an unavoidable and a universal truth.

It might be something that you never expected to happen to you (obviously, which is the reason why you ask the question “Why Me” in the first place).

It might be something that happens to you despite your best efforts (like your start up going under or your partner leaving you — but here, you sort of expected it).

It might be the outcome of that nagging feel of unease that you pushed out of you conscious mind into the subconscious archives with the tried and tested argument — “This wouldn’t and cannot happen to me” (It totally happened to you).

You generally don’t compare yourself with others… I mean come on already, you are already in your mid-thirties, you are better than that. This is different, in the sense that you can see that the fertilizer is propelling fast towards the fan and there is really very little you can do but to observe the trajectory up until the moment of impact . At the moment of impact you ask — Why me? Why not Tom, Dick or Harry who has been a bigger pain in the ass when compared to you?

You sit at the bar covered in that crap that life just served you. You think about all the nice things you did and feel crappy about being screwed over by life. You gaze glassy eyed into that pint of beer and ask again — Why me? The question remains unsurprisingly, unchanged and unanswered after the third and even the fourth pint of beer. You then move into shots. Still no bloody answer.

So here I am, not really an optimist, and asking the same question — Why me?

I can blame everything from financial crisis to global warming to shitty air in China to wherever else comes into my mind, but have realized that the simple answer is that, the universe is truly random and thus truly fair in dishing out crap to everyone who’s in the game, regardless of race, religion, health or wealth. Of course, there are some people who gets more than a fair share of crap when compared others and you happened to be in that group of people.

This is why it’s you. This is why it’s me.

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