A Record-Breaking Portage!

Canoe Heads marks its 11th year with $180,000 raised

On June 3rd, 2017 — a fantastic and brilliantly sunny day — 140 participants gathered along the waterfront to portage and raise funds that will help more kids experience the magic of summer camp, and for some, their very first canoe trip. Altogether, participants raised a record-breaking $180,000 (and counting!) to make summer camp a possibility for so many kids.

Before heading off on their portage, the day’s festivities kicked off at Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre with Amici leadership camper Pina sharing what camp means to her, and how camp has inspired her future aspirations.

“This year I’m really excited to be an L.I.T. It’s my first step into becoming a counsellor. I honestly can’t wait to be outdoors again and have the feel of nature and the summer. I know that on the hiking trip, the other L.I.Ts and I are going to be super close. I also hope that after this summer I will be able to become a counsellor for a couple of years. I hope that I will be able to lead my own cabin group one day with my camp friends.”
— Pina, Amici leadership camper

Amici’s Canoe Heads for Kids has been having an impact on campers like Pina since 2006. The event brings together camp enthusiasts, former campers and portagers of all skill levels to raise funds that create leaders through summer camp. Canoe Heads has grown from a one man portage and paddle across 43 kilometers in 2006 (shoutout to Billy Anderson!) — to a 130+ person annual event. The inaugural spirit of Canoe Heads remains true today as put by Willie Macrae who, alongside Stuart Snider, made the event what it is today:

“This one-day canoe trip is inspired by our beliefs and experiences in the camping experience. Our experience provided us with a natural and supportive environment where we learned the importance of co-operation, teamwork, responsibility, and hard work.” — Willie Macrae

This year, our 21 Canoe Heads teams made the hard work of portaging look like a breeze as they traversed the waterfront with ease under the shining sun. Amici campers greeted them at the finish line, and each participant was handed a handmade medal of appreciation. What an awesome moment for everyone!

The day capped off with our Canoes ‘n Brews afterparty, hosted by Labatt. A group cheers was shared by all for helping to send over one hundred kids to summer camp. A big cheers was also extended to the 1600 donors and many sponsors who played an important part in making the day possible including, Toronto Hydro, TD, PayPal, Aspen Ridge Homes, Mercer, Investors Group, Arrow Capital Management, Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre and Labatt.

Thanks to the thousands of people who have supported Canoe Heads for Kids over the years. Thanks to you, more than $900,000 has been raised to date, funding hundreds of unforgettable summer camp experiences for deserving children. Thank you!

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