And so it starts: our 50 changes towards sustainable living

A month ago, like many others, I was caught in the Christmas shopping extravaganza. Ironically I was looking for a book that would describe how a typical modern family could consume less, transition to sustainable living on this planet, a book with concrete examples of simple, daily changes for a more sustainable future. Given the type of discussions we were having at home lately and the fact that my wife was claiming that the best gift she could be offered for Christmas was a compost bin, it seemed like the perfect gift, on top of the compost bin of course. But I ended up empty handed, as I couldn’t find any such book then.

In parallel I was reading “Just Do 50mething“ a book by Mykel Dixon. In a nutshell Mykel is a creativity guru, the creator of the artisan thinking framework. If you want to know more about artisan thinking, check out his website. Mykel and I crossed path in late 2016, and he offered me a copy of his book, I jumped in and was struck by the call to “just do 50mething” midway through the book, a call to immediately kick-start a creative recovery.

In Mykel’s own words:

“Choose 50mething creative. 50mething that forces you to use your imagination. 50mething that is both fun and fulfilling. 50mething that you will do every day for 50days.
Then do it.
That’s it.”

So one morning in December I put two and two together and realised that maybe I didn’t need that book for my wife, maybe we could, as a family, investigate, explore 50 changes we could make in our lives for a more sustainable future.

We discussed the idea as a family: my wife, our two boys (12 yo, 8 yo) and my daughter (9 yo). We all thought this was a good idea, so here we are, finally ready to start. Every week for the next 50 weeks we will:

- Choose a topic related to sustainable living,

- Formulate our key questions on this topic,

- Do some research to gather insights,

- Discuss possible options for change as a family,

- Agree on the most appropriate course of action for our family,

- Act and change our behaviour,

- And share our findings on a weekly basis.

If you have tips, reading suggestions to help us on our family journey, feel free to reach out. We are excited about switching off the autopilot we use for most of our decisions and realign our choices and decisions with our true values. But for now, enough time spent thinking about it: action!