No sleep… but still all about the product


With a family of 5, a full time job, and a side project, sleeping has become a luxury nowadays.

In reality, all of my activities are so exciting that I’d rather not sleep — until my body demands it. Not the most healthy lifestyle, I know, but hey! health is something I’ll worry about when I’m billionaire. At that point I’ll have enough money to pay for the damage I’m currently doing to my body :)

Anyhow, it’s been a busy week for product.

Product highlights:

  • Added an “Exclude” category for all of your trash entries (you can highlight keywords and add them to the Excluded Section — just like you treat any other theme).
  • Created accounts, where team members can see each other’s sources.
  • Also Sky has been working on pulling data from external sources… more to come on that one, but it should be pretty sweet!
  • Better navigation (including creating a unique URL per theme, so that when you share a theme url with a friend, they see what you are talking about).

What’s next? Here are the biggest stories at hand:

  • Better UI and onboarding
  • Add more integrations with external sources
  • Improving performance and increasing csv upload capacity

Product screenshots:

Trello board for the week:

(Jeff helped break the stories to give them a sense of priority).