(Extra) Thank You


I couldn’t wrap up my time with the 52-Week Writing Challenge without saying a few things.

Thanks to the Writing Cooperative, especially Justin Cox 🍩 and Stella J. McKenna, for sponsoring the challenge, hosting the Slack channel, and featuring me in their newsletter. (And extra thanks to Stella for tossing the 50-word horror story idea out there.)

And thanks to everyone who read, applauded, commented, Tweeted, and otherwise showed support. I didn’t really expect these stories to get any attention, and I’m thrilled and grateful that you enjoyed them and let me know you enjoyed them. You kept me going, especially towards the end when I got sick and things started getting off track.

What comes next? I’m not sure. Some of you asked me about putting these in a book, and I might pursue that. Will I write more 50-worders? Quite possibly, if the mood strikes me. Keep an eye on this space, won’t you?

With gratitude,