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Being A Dinosaur

By T. Augustus Rex, A Story In 500 Words

Being a dinosaur isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a Tyrannosaurus Rex. At least that’s what one particular T-Rex found out when he decided he wanted to become a writer.

He told the idea to his friend, the Raptor who immediately informed the larger dinosaur that this would simply be impossible since the T-Rex would never be able to reach the keys on a keyboard, or efficiently write on a notepad due to his short arms.

Upon hearing this critique, the T-Rex became very disappointed and decided to mope around for a while, trying other expected careers such as hunting and terrorizing smaller, more nervous dinosaurs. The more he did it however, the more he realized all he wanted to do was write!

Then, one day as he was chasing a herd of delicious looking Gallimimus, he heard a loud booming voice speaking from just inside the tree line saying, “Once Upon A Time…” and other things he couldn’t quite make out with all the commotion about.

Naturally curious, he stopped what he was doing, and instead decided to track down the source of the voice. He found it a little ways inside the forrest; a very large long necked dinosaur stood there, it’s head hovering over what looked to be a small computer. The T-Rex heard him say something, and as he spoke, words would appear typed out on the screen.

He was so excited he loudly bellowed “What are you doing?”

Startled at this unexpected intrusion by a Tyrannosaurus, the long neck let out a loud howl, reared up on it’s hind legs, and then slammed its massive weight down onto the ground shaking everything. Then, as if deciding to suddenly become fearless, it whipped it’s long neck around until it was looking the T-Rex directly in the eye.

“Were… you… speaking… to… me?” said the Long Neck very slowly.

“Of course!” exclaimed the T-Rex, “I just have to know what this is you are doing.” He trotted over to the computer and nudged it with his nose.

“I… am… writing… a… book…” said the much larger dinosaur.

“But how?” said T-Rex

“I’m… using… voice… dictation… software…” said the long neck, “For… you… see…, my… neck… is… just… too… long…, and… without… it…, I… could… not… write.”

The T-Rex was so excited upon receiving this news, that he immediately put in his two weeks notice with the hunting squad and set out to find a copy of this voice dictation software. It took him a little while to find it, but once he did, he found a nice quiet ravine where he could write without any distractions.

After three days of staring, thinking, drinking coffee and pacing around, the only words he had been able to come up with were:

“Being a dinosar…”

The long necked dinosaur told him that he had something called ‘Writer’s Block’, and that he needed to write what he knew. So that’s what he did.