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Durians Daily #30: What over 190 female founders reveal about overcoming Covid-19

Standing strong amidst a global pandemic.

Navigating a new normal

  • Recently, 500 Startups conducted a survey with 199 female founders about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic so far.
  • The survey is part of 500 Female Forces, an ongoing initiative that aims to provide and support female founders around the world.
Credit: 500 Startups
  • In the survey, 56% of female founders said they are still fundraising and two-thirds believe they will be disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 crisis, which may result in less funding.
  • The biggest challenges listed by the respondents during this time were customer acquisition, increasing runway, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A third of respondents found difficulties in running a company while taking care of their family members.
  • The survey concludes with a concrete takeaway,

“Covid-19 is not only a test of our short-term support for female founders, but also of our ability to continue creating more equitable opportunities in the long-term.”

  • Download the full survey results here.

Ramadhan giving

  • Spending the fasting month at home may not be an issue for some. But for families whose livelihoods are adversely affected by the pandemic, it could be a tremendous struggle.
  • Under its “Kasih Ramadhan” campaign, 500-backed Fave is encouraging Malaysians to purchase Ramadan set meals from three designated restaurants to help feed a family of five to 10.
Credit: Fave
  • The meals will then be distributed to appointed NGOs, where they will be given out to low-income families.
  • Visit Fave’s Kasih Ramadhan page today to purchase a Fave set meal at either RM60 or RM110. More details here.

Tapping into a trillion-dollar industry

  • Islamic finance is expected to become a $3.8 trillion industry by 2022.
  • 500-backed Curlec has linked up with Sedania As Salam Capital to launch As-Sidq Al-Thiqa, an online marketplace for Islamic personal finance products that facilitates the customer’s Islamic financial needs, through a personalized profile assessment.
  • Curlec’s direct debit platform is used to better manage the repayment process, allowing businesses to be in control of when payments are made.
  • Know more about the partnership between the two fintech companies here.
  • Just last month, Curlec co-founder Zac Liew was listed in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 List.

The toilet paper hype

  • A hot commodity amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, prices of toilet paper have surged over a four-week period in March and April across Southeast Asia.
  • Data from financial comparison platform Finder.com found that the price of a pack of four rolls of toilet paper in Singapore has increased by 48.84%.
  • Other Southeast Asian countries included in the top 10 are Malaysia (32.26%) and the Philippines (17.76%).
Credit: Finder.com
  • However, Finder.com also clarified that they “don’t know definitively whether price increases are due to retailers charging more for in-demand products, or whether people are simply reporting higher prices.”
  • Check out the full report here.
  • Kind reminder: Buy but don’t hoard, alright?

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