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It’s always a little sad to see the year go by but what an amazing year 2014 was for LendLayer! However, it’s now 2015 and January has always been a time to reset and rejuvenate. January is all about the resolutions we set for ourselves and promise to stick to. For this year, Team LendLayer is not only setting individual resolutions but also bringing them into the office.

Here are some ways Team LendLayer is detoxing (mentally and physically) to promote not only healthy bodies but also a balanced working environment — let’s be the best we can be in order to tackle 2015.

Healthy Alternative to Coffee //

This year, I resolved to cut back on my coffee intake. Crazy, I know! Especially just coming out of college where coffee was my life, I live for the caffeine. Without my morning drink (Hazelnut Macchiato with light ice and light drizzle for those Starbucks Lovers) I just wasn’t functional. So when New Years rolled around, I decided to forgo my morning sugary and caffeinated drink…I didn’t even last a week.

What can I say? I really, really, really like my coffee. Just the smell of the coffee roast makes my day better. While I don’t think I can ever kick my need for coffee, especially in the morning, I have managed to trade in my afternoon fix for tea. Coffee certainly has it’s benefits — boost brain functions and fight diseases to name a few, but tea is a healthy alternative that still gives the boost you need to finish out your work day strong.

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Visit your local Peet’sor Teavana and ask for Yerba Mate . It has a mellow flavor and is good for an instant boost of energy. Beyond its caffeine benefits, Yerba Mate is packed with antioxidants. You hear Green Tea getting all the hype, but Yerba Mate has 90% more antioxidants! The best part of antioxidants for you and your work day, is it helps boost your immune system. Even though spring is around the corner, everyone is still getting sick. So gear up and prepare to weather it out. No lethargic bodies and stuffy noses here.

If Yerba Mate isn’t for you, Earl Grey is another alternative.

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Earl Gray is a stronger black tea and tastes great with milk, creme, half-n-half, or whatever your choice of poison. The tea has a couple of surprising benefits because its boost of caffeine. Earl Grey contains high levels of catechin, an antioxidant that fights oral infections and aids in digestion. The strong taste of bergamot in Earl Grey tea has a great calming effect. So if the work day gets tough, drink some tea to ease anxiety and stress.

Going Old School //

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”- Douglas Adams

Missing deadlines are a no-no with Team LendLayer. With technology today, it should be harder for a deadline to sneak up on us. Yet, with all the alerts we can get on our phones and reminders from our iCalendar, it pays to take a step back and go more old school. There is nothing wrong with a nice pad of post-its or a planner. Sometimes physically writing down your to-do list or planning out a detailed schedule of your day helps the most if keeping up with life inside and outside of work.

The Passion Planner is a brilliant way to map out your day and make time for yourself as well as detail out the things you need to focus more time on. If you are the type of person that needs to plan out every minute of your day and see the times blocked out for certain activities, this planner is probably the best thing since slice bread for you. Personally, I really like the Passion Planner. I’m the type of person that works best when I have my day mapped out.

Now the Passion Planner is rather plain and I like to have brightly colored planners to catch my eye which in turns reminds me to check out what I have planned for the day. Sugar Paper is a Los Angeles based company that focuses on all types of stationary. It really is the Kate Spade of stationary for those that are fashion savvy. The point is not to just buy a planner or post-it notes or pretty little cards. The point is whatever you’re committing to buying, you’re committing to using . A beautiful leather covered planner would just be wasted if you weren’t actually utilizing it to help organize your day.

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Asana //

Say none of the above ideas are for you. You are the kind of person that rejects the pen and paper! There is nothing wrong with that. My coworker works best when there are online / phone alerts. Since all of us spend so much time chained to their computer or phone, this is a natural inclination. This is where Asana comes in. Asana is an online planner. The best part of this site, beside it being user friendly, is the organization system. Asana allows you to break down the workload — called tasks — into more manageable portions. Furthermore, Asana allows everyone in the workplace to see the projects that are being worked on and who is doing what. It allows for a more cohesive flow between everyone. Of course the best part about Asana is the satisfaction of clicking that check box when you’ve finished a task and seeing the unicorn riding a rainbow fly across your screen. Shhhh! We’re very serious at LendLayer and Asana keeps us on track.

Slack //

Google chat is so last year and don’t even get started about Instant Messanging. Meet Slack: team communication for the 21st century. Team LendLayer is all about Slack. It works just as if you were on Facebook messaging your friends. The message logs are saved and if you need to go back to search for a lunch date address or a meeting time, just hit that search bar and slackbot searches through the archives for you! A personal favor is jeopardybot. Yup, a personal Alex Trebeck for when everyone in the office needs a break. Race against the clock Jeopardy style is a test of knowledge and nothing promotes team bonding like some friendly competition.

Slack is best explained here:

Letting Go of Something //

Oh a more personal note, It’s hard to let things go, especially if they’re left unresolved. But sometimes you just have to accept that there is nothing you can do, and let it go. Since January is in fact coming to and end soon, I thought this should be the last thing to bring up. Whatever it might be, whether it’s expense or career concerns, it’s time to let it go.

Let something go — do it in your own way, and bid it farewell.

How are you welcoming in the new year?

Originally published at on January 30, 2015.

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