Week 5 Reflection

It was interesting to see the keywords that came up on the screen as I walked into class in Wednesday. From the first day we saw the words on the screen about our hopes and fears, we had come a long way to see that our keywords about future and future thinking were much more similar than the first day we saw them. It was intriguing to realize that we were being rounded up to the same ideology about the future thinking concept.

The TED video we watched helped me understand a broader view of how to teach working class children can help as the country we are living in has many bright futures that can be shut down by the undecidedness of the current parents of our age. I started to think more about the relation between a parents fears and how it is being translated into being the fear of the child.

On Friday, we talked about the importance of foresight again. Going into how it was part of the program we were in made me understand how important it is to make sure the things we are learning in class our new topics in Design that are being discovered and critiqued by us. I think that Sohail Inayatullah’s 6 future critique helped me understand my person mandala through making me see what was left behind that person for him/her to get to the description in the mandala I am reading right now.

I think the project I am working on right now can be improved when I think about applying Sohail Inayatullah’s 6 future critique to it. Since there are no mention of thinking about the future of the painting people will be doing for Paint the Pavement, we can think about who will think about this as a disowned or owned future that can make us think about the question — did the community achieve their goals while making this?

Also, I think that this critique technique better applies to my thinking than actual projects since I must critique my thinking process to help design better projects and products. In that case, the usage of this critique can help me address wandering thoughts as disowned and owned futures. This then can turn into foresight for which I can use in order to map distant ideas to milestones and barriers that they will be tested on.