Week 9 Peer Review

Since I couldn’t do the peer reviews through blackboard, I will be writing them down here:

Review 1(9):

While I focused on what we did in class how it was important to the big picture of the topic of free education in 2050, the writer went on and talk about why this was an bigger issue for USA than other countries, saying that our country was falling behind in educational rankings, being surpassed by small countries that heavily invest on their education system. I think this is the weak signal that lead us to think about 2050 free education and I believe that the writer used this information to guide me along their reflection.

Since the topics of our project were different, it was interesting to see how important values and culture is when thinking and planning about future. The reform of lawn care could be possibly reliant on how American people conceive their lawns and what values they hold for them.

I think they focused on getting out the questions out there to prove that future is an issue and we have to address, whereas I was thinking about how important it is for myself.

Review 2(29):

I think they did a really interesting job of distilling the actual information and simplifying the understanding we received from the class. I think the fact that the current scenario, the planned and the actual future scenario is a whole big mix. Even if we can understand the possibilities, we still can be ready for a possibility, not for the exact future. I think this thought shows how strong time is and can affect us and everyone around us.

They also focused on how they would take care of how futures are not expected even if you know what to expect and the writer wanted to take this as a rule of thumb just like I was thinking.