Project 02: Making the Abstract Concrete

Topic: EARTHQUAKE | Individual Project | 09/27 ~ 11/01

Jay Huh
Jay Huh
Sep 27, 2018 · 14 min read

Week 05–Relationship & Stories (09.27.2018)

#01 Quick Visualizing Words

Categorizing sketches
Cat(left) and Sluggish(right)
Vibrant(left) and Quiet(right)

#02 Visualizing Relationship & Stories

Visualizing the story of a virus, ‘the flu’

Week 06–Channels (10.02.2018)

#01 Work on my story — Earthquake

#02 Teach others about my topic & Receive feedback

#03 Closure

Week 06–Style (10.04.2018)

#01 Story Board

Developing & Sharing Story Board
The first storyboard
test gif animation by Cinema 4D

Week 07 — Transitions (10.09.2018)

#01 First Mood Board

collected from
collected from

#02 Progress

The second Story Board of 3 channels

Week 07 — Workday (10.11.2018)

Trials in Cinema 4D

animation prototype (cinema 4d & aftereffects)

Week 08 — Workday (10.16.2018)

#01 Script Revision

feedbacks from Stacie

#02 Progress in animation

Making a 3D animation in low poly modeling

#03 Updated Visual Mood Board

collected from

Week 08 — Workday (10.18.2018)

#01 Converting script to speech

#02 Rendering C4D

rendering key frames

Week 09 — Interim Presentation (10.23.2018)

#01 Feedback

feedbacks from the classmates

#02 Decision

Week 09 — Workday (10.25.2018)

#01 Recording Narration

final script

#02 Refining Intro

intro — title & my name

#03 Transition

#04 Layering 2D on 3D

2D elements layered on 3D animation

Week 10 — Workday (10.30.2018, 11.01.2018)

Final Refinement

layers of AfterEffects files/rendering in Mac Pro

Week 10 — Final Presentation (11.06.2018)

final animation of Earthquake

Video Presentation & Reflection

51729_Communication Design Studio

A course by Stacie Rohrbach | Carnegie Mellon University |…

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