51WORLD Launches 2020 Spring Applications in 10 Fields to Facilitate New Infrastructure

Apr 2, 2020 · 11 min read

On April 1, 51WORLD, the leader in digital twin all-element scenario, launched its 2020 spring applications with its ecological partners, covering ten fields like smart governance, smart parks, smart transportation, 5G vehicle networking, smart water, smart factories, smart buildings, smart airports, smart cultural tourism, and smart energy.

At present, all newly released products have been implemented with leading enterprises in the industry as benchmark cases and have been prepared for mass production. In 2020, 51WORLD will continue to sharpen its competitive edge in the all-element scenario and digital twin technology, and relentlessly make a contribution to new infrastructure construction.

The new infrastructure deals with emerging technologies like 5G, AR, industrial Internet, and IoT. Unlike traditional infrastructure, new infrastructure is marked by the digital economy, which plays a key role in current digital, networking, and intelligent transformation. Buttressed by big data, cloud computing, 5G, and artificial intelligence, it promotes modernized urban governance and accelerates the advent of a new type of smart city with full awareness and full connectivity based on IoT.

The digital twin will hitch its wagon to the vigorous construction of the city system with full perceptivity and full connectivity. Be it overall planning or urban governance, digital twin, one of the fundamental infrastructure of a new smart city, is used to simulate all the elements of the city and the entire process of time and space in the form of digitalized virtual mapping, thereby opening up the information interconnection and collaboration between industry clusters, and promoting digital upgrades in various fields in this wave of new infrastructure construction.

As a tech-savvy leader in the digital twin, 51WORLD has implemented hundreds of smart projects in more than 40 cities across the country in 2019 alone. Over 100 leading enterprises in smart city industry such as Huawei, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Merchants Shekou, Alibaba, SenseTime, iFLYTEC, and Lingang Group have chosen 51WORLD as a faithful partner for deep cooperation.

The new digital twin applications, jointly released by 51World and its ecological partners in 5G, AI, new energy vehicles, and industrial Internet, aim to address industrial pain points and provide targeted digital solutions. “The applications are not only hard-core upgrades of the existing solutions but an extension of industry boundaries. As new infrastructure deepens, we will, together with more partners, continue to explore the possibility of digital twin implementations with an open mind, in more industries, based on our cutting-edge all-element scenario.” 51WORLD founder and CEO Archer Li said, “The only limitation is the imagination itself.”

The spectrum of applications ranged from governance, parks, factories, venues, airports, travels, to energy, water, transportation, 5G vehicle networking. 51WORLD has always been committed to making digital twin products affordable and user-friendly, to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Now, let’s unveil these industry applications.

01 Smart Governance

Industry pain points:

2. Industrial investment: no unified presentation system for industrial policies, supporting resources, operating assets;

3. Urban governance: no basic digital platform that integrates urban geography, resources and business scenarios and no concerted governance for different organizations accordingly.

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: Big Data Technology and Intelligent Operation Center of Digital Twin Urban New Area

1. The platform creates a digital twin city, to accurately and meticulously simulate and restore all areas, all elements and all processes of the city, overall planning and detailed rules;

2. 51World constructs a smart investment application platform with an all-dimensional display of resource distribution, supporting services, and policies to meet various needs.

3. Equipped with an open and compatible tool platform, the digital twin city platform provides 3D visual infrastructure services for the professional business integration and data analysis of the commissions and offices.

Digital Twin City New Area Intelligent Operation Center

02 Smart Parks

Industry pain points:

  1. Energy consumption: low power equipment utilization efficiency as the office parks and industrial parks consume the most energy with a soaring cost.

3. Asset maintenance: heavy workload of operation and maintenance from various equipment like hydropower, heating and production with high labor costs.

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: 5G, IoT and Digital Twin Smart Parks IOC (Intelligent Operation Center)

1. Backed up by low-latency 5G network and real-time perceptivity of IoT terminals, the IOC is able to integrate the operation status and data of the physical park into the digital twin counterpart for mapping and alerting and coordinate the actions of the prohibited areas, peripheral patrol, and security forces with spatial analysis to form closed-loop management of joint control.

2. The IOC is capable of collecting, analyzing the consumption data, and accurately managing the equipment through perception and threshold setting.

3. In the IOC, asset information and management are interconnected in the digital twin park scenario as IoT terminals are perceptive. IOC can timely alert the personnel if an expensive device is moved and conduct its dynamic line analysis, to improve asset security and equipment maintenance efficiency.

Huawei Park Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) built by 51WORLD and Huawei

03 Smart transportation

Industry pain points:

2. How to achieve the overall collaborative operation of intelligent connected cars and vehicle network?

3. How to monitor and evaluate the traffic conditions in a visual and digital approach and upgrade solutions?

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: 5G, Car Networking, V2X, ICVs and Digital Twin Traffic Simulation Cloud Control Platform

1. With the basic data of high-precision maps, the platform can build digital twin road scenes to restore the vehicle and signal lights, extract structured data from roadside equipment, and integrate traffic flow, cars, roads and control systems to achieve all-area, round-the-clock cloud control of road coordination.

2. The platform constructs large-scale high-precision virtual road network scene, in which the data of the physical and the virtual environment are imported to reconstruct traffic flow, display the simulated results, evaluate road conditions and test road network upgrade plans, in order to wisely and efficiently promote urban roads and facilities construction.

Digital Twin Traffic Simulation Cloud Control Platform

04 5G vehicles networking

Industry pain points:

2. Ineffective maintenance of the car networking equipment and insufficient information interaction.

Industry applications: 51WORLD and new infrastructure product line: 5G, IoT, AI, digital twin V2X cloud control platform

1. The digital twin road scenes with simulated devices such as 5G/RSU, cameras, millimeter-wave radar and Lidar enable more wise deployment of road testing facilities and reduce costs.

2. By referring to many vehicle networking demonstration areas, the V2X cloud control platform can maintain multiple types of roadside equipment. OBU is connected to manage vehicle interaction information, effectively improving driving safety and traffic efficiency.

Digital Twin V2X Cloud Control Platform

05 Smart Water

Industry pain points:

2. Wide-spread water, long coasts and complex terrain compound maintenance and supervision.

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: 5G, IoT, and Digital Twin Water Pollution Monitoring and Management Platform

1. The platform builds a 3D simulation modeling of water bodies with digital twin technology to visually present the location of pollution sources and pollutant content distribution. It is able to accurately analyze and deduce the dynamic evolution of pollutants inside the water body with historical data, to provide the foundation for pollution control measures.

2. Unified management, early warning and emergency response can be achieved in 3D water visualization centers with IoT and coordinated data of regional cameras and pollution monitoring devices.

Digital Twin Water Pollution Control Platform

06 Smart Factory

Industry pain points:

2. Isolated production line process with low efficiency;

3. Lagged maintenance of a large number of machinery and equipment and weak prevention.

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: 5G, Industrial Internet, AI and Digital Twin Smart Factory Operating System

1. The 3D operation center upgrades the security system with perimeter prevention, virtual red line, AI identification of dangerous actions and other technologies to enhance the safety of the plant.

2. The digital simulation of the production process, combined with machine learning and deep learning, analyzes the colossal historical operation data and optimizes production plan to facilitate upgrade.

3. 5G and IoT technologies enables real-time perception and reverse control of the operating device to improve efficiency and timely warning, guaranteeing production stability and safety.

Digital Twin Smart Factory Operating System

07 Smart Building

Industry pain points:

2. Uncoordinated equipment: disorganized management as a result of large number of equipment in the building from complex sources.

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: 5G, IoT and Digital Twin Building Comprehensive Management System

1. The IoT platform can control the terminals of the smart building such as access, broadcasting, fire and surveillance in real-time, to evacuate people in the time of an emergency. It is able to coordinate and deploy the emergency units based on the spatial analysis of the building to reduce casualties.

2. The digital twin visualization technology enables intelligent management of the assets and the accurate positioning speeds up fault resolution.

3. The platform conducts IP management of all rooms, in which room usage and temperature changes can be visualized, to ensure the wise use of floor space and create an agreeable environment.

Smart building system

08 Smart Airport

Industry pain points:

2. Sluggish response: complicated operation process results in a slow reaction to emergencies such as an epidemic outbreak.

3. Uncoordinated action: the relatively independent running of each airport leads to scanty knowledge of the connecting airlines and uncoordinated operation between airports.

Industry applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: Big Data Center and Digital Twin Airport Operation Platform

1. The platform establishes an intelligent analysis center of airport business data with 3D visualization technology to promote data exchange.

2. The platform simulates aircraft take-offs and landings, analyze the whole process with big data modeling to facilitate optimal plans.

3. The platform presents the digital twin dynamics of multiple airports in line with these of the physical ones, to identify problems in time and improve efficiency.

Digital Twin Airport Operation Platform

09 Smart Travel

Industry pain points:

2. Difficult management: wide scenic area, complex terrain and resources protection issues compound management.

Industry applications: 51WORLD and new infrastructure product line: 5G, IoT, AI and digital twin scenic operation system

1. The platform restores a visualized scenic area with digital twin and cloud rendering, to achieve all-weather scenic spot viewing and dynamic simulation. Equipped with a VR device, visitors are able to embrace immersive travel throughout the day.

2. 51World integrates the data of 5G coverage, IoT perception terminals and drone patrols in the digital twin scenic area operation system, to monitor the perimeter of the area, animal and plant status in the scene and coordinate relevant actions, greatly improving the efficiency of management.

Digital Twin Scenic Operation System

10 Smart Energy

Industry pain points:

2. New energies, represented by offshore wind power, are vulnerable to the weather, airflow and other environmental factors. Overall data analysis and prejudgment are insufficient.

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: Industrial Internet and Digital Twin Power Equipment Operation System

1. 51World constructs an operation platform of the life cycle of the power equipment with 3D visualization and big data analysis. The digital twin devices enable the perception and the precaution to be in line with their physical counterparts, significantly improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

2. 51World simulates and deduces physical conditions such as water, wind speed, weather and lighting with the digital twin of the integrated platform of wind and power, to provide a scientific basis for energy planning and spatial layout.

Digital Twin Power Equipment Operation and Maintenance System

Here comes the bonus!

51WORLD smart harbor has now initially completed the benchmark case and the formal industry solutions are around the corner. Below are some spoilers.

Smart Harbor

Industry pain points:

2. Data isolation: the data such as logistics information, scheduling and operations are isolated from each other, rendering excessive reliance on humans.

3. Uncoordinated harbor industry: weak links between the port businesses, its supporting industrial parks and urban industry, not being able to bring into full play of the overall industrial upgrading value.

Industry Applications: 51WORLD and New Infrastructure Product Line: 5G, IoT, and Digital Twin Smart Harbor Simulation Platform

1. The platform can simulate and deduce each process to assist in formulating the optimal plan.

2. The platform builds a data integration and service center and establishes a data collection and sharing mechanism, achieving real-time monitoring and control of the port business.

3. Utilizing advanced logistics in the harbor, the platform builds a coordinated system consisting of the harbor at the front, the industrial park in the middle and the city at the back. The integrated operation platform of the digital twin port creates the industrial engine of freight import and export engine, connects the industrial parks of logistics, financial and trade, and boosts employment, research, production and marketing in urban cities.

In this wave of digital transformation and new infrastructure development with new technologies as the engine, 51WORLD will continue to sharpen its competitiveness in the all-element scenario, and implement more industrial applications with its ecological partners on the basis of digital twin technology, to fully contribute to the new infrastructure construction and facilitate digital upgrade in more industries.

Finally, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of 51WORLD’s ecological partners. It is because of you that our benchmark cases have been successfully implemented.

As we enter the new decade, let us join hands to make more impossibilities into reality.


All-element Scene Pioneer


51WORLD is a digital twin platform company that has reached out to a wide range of businesses in physical simulation, industrial simulation, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.


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A leading digital solution provider specialized in VR and AI


51WORLD is a digital twin platform company that has reached out to a wide range of businesses in physical simulation, industrial simulation, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.

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