An innovative way to showcase a commercial building

Oct 30, 2019 · 2 min read
Rendering Picture of Poly Australia’s 1000 La Trobe project

We have been cooperated with Poly Australia and working on 1000 La Trobe project. Poly Australia highly appreciates our product and describes it as a revolutionary way of sales, as the article link below.

The 3D interactive marketing product covers a wide range of display elements, including building design, interior office configuration, supporting facilities and roof gardens. It also provides a transition from morning to night and an auto-display on each floor. Compared to the traditional way, potential tenants can have an immersive experience and increase their purchase motivations. This could be the first commercial building with this innovative breakthrough in the past 30 years.

The GIF displays the function of the 3D interactive marketing product

Poly Victoria Executive Director Steve Wang is satisfied with our product,” It provides a completely interactive experience, allowing the user to travel through tenancy floors and dedicated amenity spaces, ensuring they gain a real-life feel for how the development can cater to their needs.”

The GIF demonstrates the immersive experience of the product

JLL Victoria’s Senior Director Ashley Buller said, “This interactive design solution is market-leading in the commercial office environment and is aligned to Poly’s technology focussed approach in the delivery of 1000 La Trobe Street.”

51VR has completed several smart real-estate and smart city projects overseas, including:

  • Dubai’s Emaar x Saab project, located on the famous Palm Island, is a high-end residential development developed by Emaar.
  • Singapore’s SJ VR City, developed by Surbana Jurong and 51VR, is used in smart city management projects throughout Singapore.
  • Australia’s Digital Canberra project, a smart real estate platform developed by 51VR, integrates all of Geocon’s ( the largest developer in the capital, Canberra) current real estate projects into the Canberra map.
The picture shows Dubai’s Emaar x Saab project

For this 1000 LaTrobe project, 51VR will further cooperate with Poly in the near future to develop smart building functions and create a visual management platform that integrates various functional requirements.



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A leading digital solution provider specialized in VR and AI



A leading digital solution provider specialized in VR and AI.

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