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Mar 17, 2020 · 7 min read

51WORLD February 17

Digital twin was raised to a new height in the 2019 China International Digital Economy Expo on October 11, an annual event held in Xiong’an New Area, Hebei Province by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and the People’s Government of Hebei Province. In the expo, the Research Report on Digital Twin City, an authoritative report led by China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) representing top-level design in the industry, was released to the public for the first time.

Research Report on Digital Twin City

The report indicated that the concept of digital twin city has brought about an upsurge of researches and construction by local governments:

• In February 2020, Shanghai issued Several Opinions on Further Speeding up the Construction of Smart Cities to explore the digital twin city construction, digitalized simulation of all elements of urban ecological resources, and the feasibility of building a digital base for intelligent management;

• In 2020, Haidian District of Beijing put forward that it would carry out the construction of urban brain step by step and create a spatial-temporal data map of digital twin in Haidian District with the help of urban planning, construction, and management;

• In 2019, Guiyang proposed to build a digital twin city, starting from the governance of micro ecological systems such as super-large community and street blocks;

• The 2018 Outline of Xiong’an New Area in Hebei Province stated that the planning and construction of a digital city should be in sync with those of a real city and Xiong’an was keen to build a world-leading digital city with deep learning ability. At present, it is making every effort to promote the construction of BIM management platform;

• The Jiangbei District of Nanjing strives to push city development to the advanced form of intelligence, and aspires to become “the first digital twin city in China” by 2025;

• Zhejiang Province has released a pilot implementation plan for future community management, in which nine scenarios were formulated and the requirements for building a realistic digital twin community were put forward;

• Zhoushan City, Xixian new area, Chongqing municipality, the integrated demonstration area of Yangtze River Delta and other places have adopted the digital twin model, successively formulated the top-level design and planning of smart cities, and encouraged digital twin-oriented construction;

• The construction of new digital twin cities in China is in full swing.

The outbreak of coronavirus epidemic called for constructing new digital twin cities across China in terms of joint disease control as well as emergency management

▲51WORLD Digital Twin Platform of Epidemic Control

The digital twin city management system provides a comprehensive view of the data, in which the speedy and authentic data from bottom-up helps to make accurate and wise decisions, especially in case of major risks such as an unprecedented epidemic like coronavirus. A visualized command center can be quickly generated to facilitate the surveillance of people flow and security control, which quickens emergency response.

Business demand grows as digital twin upgrades

In addition to local governments, enterprises in various fields are also embracing digital twins.

As industrial Internet evolves, traditional industries, such as park management, industrial manufacturing, transportation, logistics and supply chain, health care, education on campus, ports and airports, power and water, etc. are more and more eager to improve efficiency, increase growth and achieve refined management through digital twin technology, to replace the traditional 2D management model with 3D visualized and integrated management model.

The next-generation park management system adopted by Huawei’s Shenzhen headquarter redefines Smart Park. In the system, a unified 3D platform can handle in real-time all the functions including comprehensive running, security monitoring, asset management, energy control, emergency planning, etc. thus breaks data isolation, achieves all reverse controls and efficiently implements refined management of all scenarios.

▲Intelligent management center of IOC Park created by 51WORLD and Huawei

Beijing Transport Institute simulated the large-scale traffic of over 10,000 vehicles on the West Third Ring Road in Beijing on medium and micro levels with the help of digital twin technology. After continued simulation of the lane line design, steering design as well as road design, and constant verification of the optimal algorithm, this project proposed wiser solutions to traffic jams in big cities.

▲The Digital Twin of Beijing West Third Ring Road Created by 51WORLD

The need for various industries to sharpen the competitive edge with digital twin technology is becoming more urgent than ever.

On the other hand, there are multiple hurdles to overcome for local governments and integrated development enterprises in applying this trendy technology, such as integrated use of GIS data, data generation of satellite remote sensing, stringent standards for drone tilt shooting, and rigorous requirements on the efficiency, picture quality and details for rapidly building large-scale urban models. How to address these industry headaches more quickly and efficiently? 51WORLD has already taken action.

51WORLD founder and CEO Archer Li officially unveiled the latest automated city-level all-element simulation platform in the annual event of Earth Clone 3 on December 18, 2019. The platform aspired to facilitate digital twin upgrade of various industries. All-element scenario, as the name implies, refers to 3D visual digital twin scene that integrates all elements such as “visual reality”, “geographic information”, “physical simulation” and “free interaction”.

Archer pointed out that it was a brand-new open scenario, accessible for Integrators and developers from different industries through API, regardless of whether they had in-depth development experience in 3D products, for secondary development, which could quickly upgrade the existing IOT products in terms of 3D visualization and intelligent prediction.

Each industry, be it security, logistics, government, transportation, manufacturing, education, medical, water or power, can quickly acquire such digital twin capabilities with 51SuperAPI and all-element scenario, saving basic scenario construction, and deal with its best business functions to sharpen competitiveness.

▲51SuperAPI Interface

Recently, 51WORLD all-element scenario and 51SuperAPI products have been implemented in various fields like the national development zones, ports, airports, parks, transportation, automotive industry, security, electricity, water, campus, travel and manufacturing, and the benchmark projects have been completed correspondingly.

As the market burgeons, 51WORLD officially launches its Developer Plan — 51WDP to further enable the developers. This plan will help to customize development, respond to different needs, improve efficiency, and ensure long-term, stable development. Besides, 51WDP will make 51WORLD’s all-element scenarios and secondary developing platform, 51SuperAPI, more developer-friendly.

1. Exclusive certification for 51WORLD partner;

2. Regular in-depth training courses online for the developers, in which the senior experts of our research and development team give lecture and answer real-time questions;

3. Regular tech salons with industry and technical experts, keeping in touch with the latest trends in digital twin development;

4. Priority to the latest technology products for internal testing and the right to use the latest development tools;

5. Annual incentives for outstanding secondary development products based on 51SuperAPI.

The first session of 51WDP online training starts on February 24, 2020, targeted at 51WORLD customers and partners in need of learning and developing urban 3D scenes. The training consists of industrial ecology, product cases and technology development.

Industry Ecology: Introduction of Digital Twin Products and Ecology

☞ Target audience: sales and solutions personnel

☞ Time: 15:00–16:00 on February 25

Product Cases: 51SuperAPI Products and Applications

☞ Target audience: product manager and solutions personnel

☞ Time: 15:00–16:00 on February 26

Technology Development: 51SuperAPI Technology Development Analysis

Target audience: front-end developers

Time: 15:00–16:00 on February 27

51WORLD customers and partners in need of learning and developing urban 3D scenes are all welcome to these training courses.

Recommended participants: personnel in web front-end application development, capable of JavaScript page development or familiar with GIS and 3D coordinate systems.

Registration: please scan the QR code on the poster at the beginning of the article and enter for registration.

For more information, please visit 51WORLD’s official website.

51WORLD SuperAPI is a set of cloud rendering and foreground display application programming interfaces (API) developed by the JavaScript. It is used on 51Cloud and the JavaScript 3D scenes are embedded in the web page as a video stream. Users can overlay their own data components and engage in two-way interaction with the scene. 51WORLD SuperAPI is compatible with current mainstream JavaScript front-end framework, providing fast and convenient development interfaces for developers.

For more information, please click here

The purpose of 51WDP: make sure every developer can get the maximum benefits and achieve the greatest value on the platform!


All-element Scene Pioneer


51WORLD is a digital twin platform company that has reached out to a wide range of businesses in physical simulation, industrial simulation, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.


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51WORLD is a digital twin platform company that has reached out to a wide range of businesses in physical simulation, industrial simulation, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.

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