1/52 — Travmi

“The worst part about a trip to me, is trying to research each and every little website to figure out what to do there” — Madison Clark

What if there was a community that existed where you can exchange trip reviews? I want to talk to someone who has done a 5 day trip to 3 cities in Switzerland and is about the same age as me and shares my interests. How do I find this person?

Travmi is the only site you need to visit to gather inspiration for your trip. You can find all the answers to those questions you’d have for a good friend when he or she returned from a trip: where’d you stayed, what’d you visit, what’d you do, was it expensive, how’d you get around, how was the nightlife, did you have a good time, etc... Get recommendations from people that you would actually trust.

This past September, two of my friends and I went on a road trip through the southern half of Iceland. We stayed in Reykjavik, Selfoss, Vík, and Höfn. To plan this 5 day trip, my friends met 4 different times for about 2–3 hours. At the time I didn’t want to be apart of planning the trip and wanted everything to be a surprise. Seems unfair to them, right? Well I planned the Amsterdam part of the trip (I live in Amsterdam).

Vík — http://ams.alexakaminsky.com/iceland/

While we were on the trip, I was curious how they found everything we were visiting and doing. I assumed that they used Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet, but what they actually did was look through a lot of different blogs to get ideas about other peoples trips. They took ideas from the different trips they found on the blogs and planned out their own trip.

I am starting to plan some trips for 2016 and it really is much harder than I expected to find inspiration on where to go and what to do. So I couldn’t help but wonder, what if there was an easier way to search for ideas of what to do while on vacation?

The Problem

Many people take different approaches to planning a trip. Some will look at TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet. Some will Google the city name and will just see what comes up. Some people ask their friends for recommendations if they’ve been to that city. Some people look through Pinterest. Some will look through blogs to see what other people have done. Some will hire a tour guide to plan the whole trip for them. Some will get to the city and then wing it. And some will go to the library and check out a book about the city (hi dad).

It is very time consuming to figure out what you want to do in a city, where you want to eat, should you do a day trip outside of the city, are there any specific activities to do, what do the locals do, etc…? Where do you find the information that makes you say, “Ooooh! I wanna do that!” ?

The Product Idea


Travmi is a community where people can read about other peoples trips and share the details of their own trips. Where they visited, what activities they did, where they slept, what they did and did not like, if it was cheap or expensive, if they took public transportation or rented a car, if there was good nightlife/shopping/restaurants, etc…

The user would be able to filter reviews based on the length of the trip, cost of the entire trip, pace of the trip, number of places visited on the trip, activities done on the trip, and age of the vacationers. If the user connects Travmi to their social media accounts, they would see their friends reviews first.

The user then clicks into a trip and can read about all the details of the specific trip. When the user finds something that interests them, they can favorite that activity/restaurant/hotel/city and add it to their own trip wish list. The trip wish list is a place where the user can build a trip of their own inspired by reviews and recommendations from other Travmi users.

The Three Questions

1. What is the problem we are trying to solve?

There is not a single place on the web that I can read a review of someone’s entire vacation. I want to feel like I am talking to a friend who is giving me recommendations on what to do while I visit a destination.

2. Who will benefit from using this product?

Travelers looking for real answers and helpful information about a destination or planning a trip.

3. How will this product solve the problem?

Travmi will solve this problem by connecting people and allowing them to gather and exchange destination information.

52 Elevator Pitches is a creative challenge to come up with a product idea that solves a specific problem at the end of every week.