Alaskan Premium Seafoods

Traverse City, MI

Maura Boland, owner of Alaskan Premium Seafoods in Traverse City, Michigan, is, in her own words, all about selling fish. Only wild caught, sustainable seafood to be exact. One of very few female fishmongers around, she is passionate about her work.

When she was first starting out, she bought a boatload of fish from Dutch Harbor and had it sent to her in Michigan. Every day she would take these beautifully caught filets of fish to local grocery stores and restaurants and leave them with the head chefs and buyers along with her card. Within the year, her fish could be found throughout the state in small food markets, eateries and even online.

She has learned a lot about the fishing industry in the process of setting up her business, and has since decided on two things she feels very strongly about: she will only buy her seafood from a small, American operation rather than a large corporation, and it must be sustainably caught and processed on our shores rather than overseas. She likes the idea of supporting individual fishermen and preserving the culture of fishing families.

Maura’s nephew, David, a fisherman on the Bering Sea for 10 years.

Maura is in the process of revamping her business a bit and will be selling at The Mercato Farmers Market in Traverse City starting in mid-March, and she will also be offering CSS packages. Check out APS’s Facebook page for more info and some great seafood recipes too!

If you’re in Traverse City and want to buy some amazing seafood and talk sustainable fishing, stop by and see Maura. You won’t regret it! Go pick up and enjoy the drawing, support Alaskan Premium Seafoods and help spread the word! ☺

From Alaskan Premium Seafoods

I am one of very few woman fishmongers. I sell only wild caught, sustainable seafoods, and dealing with my customers makes me happy. How blessed am I!

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