Come In! We’re Open.

Last year, I set out to give away 365 pieces of my original art for free to the first person to ask for one, anywhere in the world. It was an amazing and humbling experience. The project culminated in a 9x12-inch, 316-page book whose proceeds will benefit the Children’s Creativity Museum here in San Francisco. Now that Project 365 is behind me, I’m looking ahead to my next endeavor, 52 Pick Up.

As mega corporations continue to grow, it’s proving harder and harder for unique small businesses to survive. With that in mind, this time around I’d like to use my art, the web, and social media as conduits to help support small businesses. How it works: I do an original drawing once a week for a full year and send it to a business (either within the US or internationally). I’ll then publish a post on my Medium account with the business’ address and a little information about what they do and why I chose them. Whoever is following the project in that town and goes to that business in person to pick it up can have it for free. In return, I only ask that you support that business in some way and post about it online to help spread awareness. Paying it forward feels good, I promise!

I’ve asked those who participated in my previous project to nominate their favorite local businesses, and I have already received some great leads. I’m currently putting the list together and will be researching them to see which will be the best fit and who would be willing to participate. I like that this continues to be an interactive process! Enjoy!

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