David James

600 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

This is one of those weeks that was easy to write, as I happen to know David James, owner of David James Salon + Gallery on Fillmore Street in the Alamo Square district of San Francisco. I first met David a few years ago when we were both part of a charity art exhibition in the Bay Area. I was so impressed to learn that he was also a successful salon owner and stylist aside from being a very talented photographer.

Super nice guy, photographer and local shop owner, David started his first salon at the age of 26 years old with just a few thousand dollars in his savings account. Over the years, he has managed to turn it into a well recognized business in the industry with a strong following of happy customers. David’s brother, Daniel, and fiancée, Adriana, have also joined as his business partners to continue opening salons which are meant to be a good community meeting point with great atmospheres. They try to incorporate their friends to teach them entrepreneurship by giving them opportunities to use their crafts be it art, building the spaces, working as stylists, or helping with social media and graphic design.

I’m so glad to see this shop thriving and I really support what David and his partners are doing to be part of the community and the city he lives in.

If you find yourself on Fillmore Street, stop in, say hello, get a cool new ‘do, and pick up this week’s art! :)

From David James

When you look down streets, you will realize that there are salons everywhere — but in a bad way, because that means that you have to spend more of your time figuring out which place is genuinely trustworthy, and less time deciphering what you really want for yourself. We want to change that, because we want you to spend your time doing what you want to be doing, not what you have to be doing.

Our intuitive team knows what will work for you and what won’t — sorry, not sorry — and we tell you because we believe that’s the best way to develop a relationship. You see, we believe in being honest with you so that what we deliver will make you feel like your best self everyday. We want to get to know you — because the reality is, hair is just an extension of you. We’ll help you look how you want to look, so that you can continue shaking the world.

We’ll be us, so that you can be you.

Hours of operation: Tuesday–Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Week 48 Art

Free Drawing #48, 6 x 4 inches, acrylic, coffee on paper

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