Local Take

3979B 17th Street, San Francisco, Ca 94114

This week I’m heading over to the Castro district of San Francisco to meet with Kyra Brown, one of owners of Local Take. The shop is located just across the street from the last stop of the historic F line Muni, which is not only cool to see but makes it very convenient to get to. When I entered I was greeted by Charlie Brown, the very chill resident shop dog. Kyra was delightful to chat with, and genuinely excited to learn more about this project. She told me more about her shop and the local artists she works with.

I’ve heard there needs to be solid chemistry between partners to make a small business thrive, and it seems that both of the owners of Local Take, Kyra and Jenn, had found that to be true when going into business together. They shared festival booths together in the past at the Castro Street Fair and had such a good relationship that they decided to open their own brick and mortar store together in the friendly and bustling environment of the Castro.

Since they opened their doors in May 2013, the community has enthusiastically welcomed them into the neighborhood. It’s inspiring to learn that Kyra and Jenn make it a point to provide opportunities for independent designers and artists to gain recognition through their store. The goal is to work with 200 local artists and designers by the fall of 2015. They’re currently showcasing over 130 Bay Area artists, which is already impressive.

It’s great to hear there are shops like this out there supporting artists and serving their local community. If you find yourself in the Castro, please stop in, say hi to Kyra and Jenn, and pick up this week’s art! :)

From Local Take

If you are a Bay Area artist or designer and would like to submit work to be considered for consignment at Local Take, please send us an email to submit@localtakesf.com with photos and/or links to your work, plus your retail prices.

Hours of operation: Monday–Sunday 11:00am to 7:00pm

Week 51 Art

Free Drawing #51, 5.5 x 7 inches, Flashé on dura-lar

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