Molding Plastic Corp.

12101 NW 98th Ave. Suite #1, Hialeah, FL 33018

“Bienvenidos a Miami!” or as the comedian Ralphie May puts it, North Cuba. Meet Rigoberto Perdomo, owner of Molding Plastics Corp. located in Hialeah Gardens, Florida. Molding Plastics Corp was established in 1987 and specializes in plastic garment hangers. Rigoberto migrated to the United States with his family at the young age of 15 years old from Güines, Cuba in 1969 during the Fidel Castro administration.

I’m always amazed at how quickly those born outside the United States acclimate to a new language and environment. They see and appreciate the landscape, the architecture and the conveniences that those born here tend to overlook on a daily basis. I admire their determination and persistence in pursuing an American dream of their own.

When you talk to Rigoberto, it’s clear he enjoys reminiscing about his old country and surrounding himself with the nostalgia of photos and artifacts in his office while enjoying a pastelito from a nearby Cuban bakery. And after 27 years, he still personally delivers his product to other small businesses all across South Florida.

Güines, Cuba 2010

Despite the current economic times and the majority of his industry being outsourced to China, he still has a positive and optimistic view that customers want products made locally. Looking at the vast majority of products that are imported, it’s hard to believe that will make a sudden turn, but I also have hopes that a project like 52 Pick Up will encourage people to support their local economies and support small businesses nearby.

Go pick up and enjoy the drawing if you’re in Hialeah Gardens, Florida, support Molding Plastics Corp and spread the word! If you really want to hear some good stories about growing up in Güines, Cuba, bring a box of pastelitos or a fresh loaf of Cuban bread with you and make yourself comfortable. ☺

From Molding Plastic Corp.

As a company we believe in investing back in our country, and therefore encourage whenever possible, the use of American made products. We offer a wide variety of garment hangers in plastic, wood, and metal. As well as offer same-day local shipping on most orders.

Hours of operation: Tuesday–Saturday 9:00 to 5pm

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