Week 35: Miss Manners
 (Prompt: A story that features a real recent newspaper article)

“‘Dear Miss Manners: How best can a hostess graciously accept compliments on her cooking?’

“God! How about ‘thank you?’”

She threw the newspaper in disgust. Her roommates looked it over, weighed in.

Tim: “No self -esteem.”

Darla: “They want something.”

Brady: “Why do you read that shit?”

Why indeed. Miss Manners? Seriously. Weaklings. Like who cares anyway.

Trouble is, she cares. That’s why she can’t tell them she’s going to drop out to… um… travel.

Like it would be wrong.

Like maybe it would be.

“I got class.”

“Rad Islam,” said Brady.

“People willing to die for something,” she said.

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