Week 41: The Glass and the Glue (Prompt: A romance that ends in tragedy)

Little Ella was in love. She didn’t quite have the words yet to express what it was or why it was, but she knew, and most everyone else did.

“Little dear’s got her…what is that again?”

“We’re not sure, we think she picked it up at school…”

It was the colors of it, the feel of it, the way it spun and reflected the light. She held it up and laughed.

“Isn’t it a bit…dangerous? I mean, look at the edges, she could cut herself.”

Ella didn’t like that talk, it usually meant someone would try to take it from her. She held tighter, just in case.

“She’ll be all right. It’s just that she won’t let it go. Screams when anyone tries.”

The colors. The feel.

But there was a step she didn’t see, and her wonderful companion fell from her hands, all the way down the stairs.

Shattered. Lost. She couldn’t even touch the pieces, the grownups kept her away.

All of the colors! Ella mourned for them every time the sun shined.

They gave it back to her the next day, the pieces clumsily glued together. They said it was good as new, but it was nothing like her precious thing. It was a poor copy.

Ella took the copy, but only as a reminder that beautiful things, once broken, will never be the same again. Glue will only ever be glue, an ungainly patch for something missing.

She carried that plate a long time, long after the thing itself had gone.

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