It’s not me, it's you

I have a problem, y’all.

A brother got pro-BLEMS.

I need to breakup with email subscriptions.

We’re just not on the same pages.

She’s been stalking me, sending me mixed messages. And yes, I´ve been ignoring them.

My actual inbox.

Yes, 9,824 unread emails.

I admit, I was using her.

I got flight deals (Kayak, Priceline, United, Expedia, Delta), notifications about money (Chase, Mint, Vanguard, Ally), and a whole crap-load of unsolicited offers (everyone but mostly Amazon).

She got me tickets to see OutKast though (Ticketmaster). OutKast, y’all!

It started as a fling. Then, unbeknownst to me, it grew into something serious. Something out of my control.

Now I sit in a McDonald’s cafe, stealing Internet, wondering where we went wrong. Combing through October and September emails only, I’ve unsubscribed from eighty-seven subscriptions.


Eighty-seven PRO-BLEMS!

What is your thing that you could or should breakup with?

What’s a habit you’d do better without?

For a while, unchecked voicemails was my thing. Then my drug of choice was leaving things on the kitchen counter.

I know, it sounds stupid because it is.

Also, sometimes getting rid of one unproductive practice, can make room for another. I know for me, since my purge of television, I’ve become an information junky. Anything that can help me, I’m here for it. Which is good and bad.

But I need balance.

Whatever the case, habits shouldn’t obstruct from goals.

Clearly, mine is/was lack of organization. And deleting these will be a weeklong job.

Important to remember:

Changes don’t always have to be groundbreaking. It could be as simple as committing to a budget or washing the dishes.

One less thing in the way of our goals can’t be bad.

Breakups are hard, so let them down gently.

Stop An Unproductive Habit (23/56)

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